Letter to the Editor

McCain is running terrorist campaign

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

To the Editor:

Terrorists are people who try to instill fear in people.

The McCain campaign in general, but Sarah Palin in particular, has been claiming that Obama is a friend to a terrorist, unpatriotic, and thus not to be trusted with the presidency.

The campaign is explicitly attempting to instill fear in the American people. It is a terrorist campaign. Never mind that the claims are distortions and the conclusion baloney.

Palin's remarks have become so inflammatory that members of the audience are now yelling, "Kill him!"

This is very dangerous, and Palin has done nothing to discourage these kinds of comments.

As such, she is inciting assassination. These are not values that any American should hold.

To make matters worse, she is being completely hypocritical. Her husband was a member of the Alaska Independence Party for at least eight years. That party's only goal is for Alaska to secede from the Union.

Someone needs to ask Palin why she is sleeping with a secessionist and based on her criteria how could that possibly be patriotic? Once again, by her criteria how can we possibly trust a lover of a secessionist with running our country?

And those questions don't even distort anything nor do they instill fear. Rather, they just expose her hypocrisy.

Bruce Sanders