Letter to the Editor

Grandmother fed up with court system

Friday, October 17, 2008

To the Editor,

I just want to say that I am so fed up with the judicial system when it comes to child support.

We currently are fighting and have been for two years regarding my grandson.

The father wants sole custody and also wants my daughter to pay him child support.

She has had to go through drug testing because of him, home studies because of him and also addiction testing all because of him.

The child custody evaluator and the home study person came into my home because my daughter has to live with me.

They questioned us for six hours due to the father, who I forgot to mention makes $33 dollars an hour and is trying to say she is unfit.

Ironically though, the custody evaluator is done with her report and has since said that my daughter should maintain sole custody.

We have been waiting now for two years to go to court and get the custody as well as child support taken care of.

The final straw came this past week when his attorney postponed yet again another court date.

How can this keep going on?

My husband and I are helping her pay for her child, whom we love with all of our heart, but where is his father?

We know that he is in arrearage for 86 weeks without paying support. What gives someone the right who claims they want custody of their child not to pay a dime?

He still gets visitation, but won't help with medical or childcare.

Where is our court system?

Betty Clark