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Tuesday, October 21, 2008


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South Putnam High School parents can now access their student's grades online through a new student management program called Harmony. South Putnam Community School Superintendent Bruce Bernhardt told board members Michael Rissler, Nancy Wells, Steven Cash, David Bombei and Darwyn Nelson that over 155 high school parents were already signed up.

The plan now is to begin including elementary students to the program. Notices will be sent home with nine week grade cards later this week letting parents know about the program and how to sign up for it.

"Hopefully, parents will see this as a benefit. I know when my kids were in school I would have liked being able to check their grades," said Bernhardt.

The superintendent went on to talk about how the school has moved ahead with technology.

"The towers are completed and have even been repaired from lightning strikes earlier this year. We have lots of things going on in terms of technology," he added.

Board member Darwyn Nelson asked Bernhardt what the time frame for receiving tax money from the county was. Bernhardt explained that it would be about 30 days from the time they actually receive money.

Bernhardt said he was expecting to receive the June draw in the next month or so.

"I believe the tax bills have gone out or will be going out soon and that means we will see part of our money come in. We'll only receive half our money. We have enough, if we get our draw for the school to be OK," said Bernhardt.

"It was really stupid for the state and local government to put everybody in this position," said Nelson referring to the draw being so late. He was also concerned with the amount of interest it was costing organizations like schools when having to borrow funds to function.

"All governmental units receiving tax monies have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on interest," said Bernhardt. "I'm sure somebody will do a study soon showing how much it has cost."

In other business the board approved the resignation of Ryan Gilman from the eighth grade boys' basketball coaching staff and Brian Gardner from the junior high boys' track staff. Krystal Teague gave up her position at Central Elementary as part-time custodian.

Mitchell Schoolcraft was hired as a bus driver,

Extra Curricular Activity staff hired are: Nick Carver as high school freshman basketball, Nathan Aker as eighth grade boys' basketball, Ryan Gilman as seventh grade boys' basketball, Emily Coers as boys' varsity swimming, Jim Helsley as assistant swimming, Adam McCullough as assistant swimming, Brian Gardner as assistant boys' track, Nathan Aker as Junior high boys' track and Nathan Mullis as assistant baseball.

The South Putnam Community School Board meets on the third Monday of the month at 7 p.m. at Central Elementary School.

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