Letter to the Editor

Media have mistreated Palin

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

To the Editor:

It is still true that the pen is mightier than the sword.

Sadly, today we must add, "The press and media are mighty dangerous when it comes to distorting political facts."

It is well known by a majority of Americans that most large newspapers, as well as radio and television stations, are owned and operated by liberals. As such, they slant the news in favor of their candidate, and twist the facts as despicably as they can get by with toward the other party.

It is pathetic how Gov. Sarah Palin is treated by the mass media in such a derogatory, vicious and unwarranted manner.

To their discredit, the Democratic Party has underestimated her, and she scared the daylights out of them.

I watched the debate between her and Sen. Joe Biden.

Gov. Palin was informed, intelligent, poised and had her facts straight. She is from Alaska, and as such holds common Midwestern values like the rest of us from Indiana.

Gov. Palin remarked that she was not from the Washington crowd, so she did not talk like them. She was down to earth, so to speak. She said that she had not attended a fancy university, nor was she living in a high-priced home as Sen. Biden bragged that he does. On the other hand, she did ask God to watch over Sen. Biden's son, who is on his way to Iraq, as well as her own son who is already there.

She also expressed her heartfelt sympathy regarding the tragic accident involving his first wife and his sons with a prayerful "God bless them."

I was impressed by her intelligence, grace and honesty as well as her understanding of how the country can be a better place under Sen. John McCain.

She also knew her foreign policy well. Throughout the debate, Gov. Palin kept her dignity while answering the moderator's questions honestly and with confidence.

At the end of the debate, the families of both candidates came on stage. The look of maternal love and tenderness on Sarah Palin's face as she held her Down's syndrome son in her arms was deeply moving. She then showed him off to the Biden family with pride.

Yes, character DOES matter. This lovely lady proved it on that night.

Following the debate, former Sen. Fred Thompson from Tennessee told FOX News Channel's Chris Wallace that Sen. Biden lied four times during the debate regarding Sen. McCain's voting record. Sen. Thompson could vouch for that number because he was present in the Senate when those votes took place. Later, commentators from National Review upped that number to 14.

If Sen. Biden is going to tell lies, do so on something that can't be disproved by firsthand witness. Don't pull another Hillary Clinton on us.

Patricia Jean Hughes