Putnam County SWCD offering cost-share products

Friday, March 6, 2009

The Putnam County Soil and Water Conservation District has been awarded a grant from Clean Water Indiana Fund to reduce and reuse the amount of water/sediment that is finding its way into storm drains and water courses and the amount of yard waste and kitchen refuse by putting less stress on garbage disposals and entering land fills.

Rain barrels and composting also benefits you because get something for "free" without much effort.

The rain barrels are recycled food quality containers that come in forest green, Nantucket gray, earth brown or unpainted.

These rain barrels can save on your water bills, keep your gardens thriving and reduce stress on water systems.

Residential irrigation can account for almost 60 percent of all domestic water consumption.

The 60-gallon rain barrel can fill in as little as a quarter inch of rainfall.

Rain barrels can offset domestic watering needs for gardening, car washing and pool topping, just to mention a few uses.

Collecting rain water is just like recycling and composting.

Link up two or three barrels and save up to 180 gallons of "free" rain water.

You can help prevent future water shortages and protect the environment at the same time.

The SWCD cost-share program for the rain barrels come with a downspout diverter at the price of $50.

The envirocycle composter has a unique rolling and mixing action that helps it produce quality compost more quickly and easily than standard composters.

Simply give the drum a few turns and your compost remains well mixed and aerated, producing clean, sweet-smelling, fully decomposed compost in approximately four to six weeks, depending on the weather temperatures.

It is specifically designed to simplify the recycling of kitchen and garden refuse, no more messy digging to turn the compost pile.

It also makes up to five gallons of this nutrient-rich liquid compost tea that is collected in the base (to use the compost tea for plants, mix 1 part of compost tea with 10 parts or water).

The compost drum is indented for easy gripping and rolling.

A lockable lid keeps out small animals and rodents.

The small size and distinctive design fits perfectly on most balconies or patios.

The recycling of yard waste and kitchen refuse turns into compost that is nutrient rich and improves the soil of your flower or vegetable gardens, house plants, trees or even your yard.

Composting aids the environment because it is a natural fertilizer.

They are available in green or black. The cost-share price for the composter is $75.

Orders will be accepted for the rain barrels and envirocycle composters in the SWCD office.

We are located at 1007 Mill Pond Lane, Ste. C in the USDA Service Center in Greencastle.

If you prefer, contact us at 653-7454 to place your order.

The actual products are in our office. If you would like to see them before you place your order please stop by and look at them.

We will be taking orders for these items from March 9 to April 9. That will allow time to place the order with our distributor and receive the items before you begin your spring projects.

You will be notified when your order arrives for delivery.