Symbolic adoption helps endangered animals

Friday, March 27, 2009

The National Wildlife Federation is offering an opportunity to help wildlife conservation by offering a symbolic adoption of an animal from their imperiled animal list.

Animals include the grizzly bear, bison, Canada lynx, desert tortoise, river otter, American goldfinch, gray wolf, harp seal, moose, orca, polar bear, Florida panther, snowshoe hare and barking tree frog.

NWF is offering adoptions beginning at $30 and offering a plush stuffed animal, adoption certificate and wildlife screensaver for the computer.

The money goes to NWF to help its efforts to fight global warming which is the single most urgent threat to wildlife. NWF strategies help protect, connect, and restore habitat to ensure a wildlife legacy for future generations.

For information on symbolic adoptions and animals in the imperiled list go to

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