Letter to the Editor

Do we not care about children?

Thursday, June 18, 2009

To the Editor:

We have become a society of non-thinkers that places more importance on a fly buzzing around the head of our president or rabbits that end up in the freezer of an Oregon lady than we do about the unborn children of human beings.

What kind of society gives more press to the death of a common housefly than it does to the killing and aborting of hundreds of unborn children each and every day? Where are our priorities?

My daughter is carrying our first grandchild, and I for one would give my life in a heartbeat for that unborn child -- yet I care nothing about that fly that is casually walking across my computer desk as I write this letter.

Am I an uncaring?

Of course not. It's just that I know what is important to our God and where He puts His priorities.

He gave His only Son for us to be where we are and what we are. It states in the book of Genesis that the rest of the world was placed here for our utilization, and yes respect, but not to the point that we elevate stupidity to the level we have recently.

I do have a confession to make to you, the reader.

I ate a radish yesterday.

Yes, it was a living thing and I pulled it from the ground in which it lived and took its life without regret. I know it is premeditated but I also plan to do it again today and the day after until I have eradicated the whole population of those growing in my garden.

Where and when are we, as a people, going to get some common sense and start thinking for ourselves, rather than let those that have no sense whatsoever do our thinking for us? It will be a very cold day indeed when I let PETA and the likes of those folks do my thinking for me. I apologize if I have rambled on in this letter, but I feel that we are important as human beings , and God really wants us to take charge and do what it takes to get our world back on track.

Oh yes, would someone please come to my house and take care of this fly that is bugging me as I write this letter. Maybe you can humanely catch him with the trap PETA sent to our president and turn him loose somewhere that I won't be able to swat him.

You had better hurry however. His life expectancy is very short.

Phillip V. Kirby