Letter to the Editor

Family, Friends and Fun Extension Club thankful for support

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

To the Editor:

The Family, Friends and Fun Extension Homemakers Club wants to extend our heartfelt gratitude for the support we received during the food drive held at this year's county fair.

It started as a simple, little idea ... since we had chosen the theme of "Christmas at the Fair" for the Family Fun Day, then why not sponsor a food drive, in an effort to help bring the spirit of giving alive?

Once our club approved the idea we quickly received whole-hearted support from Jackie Baumann, Purdue Extension Educator for Putnam County and Geneva Dorris, superintendent of Adult Open Class. Next we asked Lynda Dunbar, owner of Treasures on the Square, if she could help with any type of incentive?

Lynda very generously volunteered to provide dessert to the Extension Homemaker club that collected the most items, to be served at an upcoming meeting and even offered to let them come to Treasures on the Square for their meeting. That offer was above and beyond what was asked for. Thank you, Lynda!

Next was what to do with the items, as they were collected. We knew that the Community Building was a busy and already well used space, so we remembered that Wal-Mart Transportation has a big truck and trailer at the fair. We contacted Wal-Mart Transportation and they quickly said "Yes ... Ahatever we can do to help."

After agreeing to let us store the items in the trailer during the fair they then volunteered to deliver the items wherever we needed them to go. That was a step way further than we asked for. Thank you, Wal-Mart Transportation!

During the week of the fair, Kevin Whitsil of Wal-Mart Transportation was there to support us at every step. He helped us load the items and even to bag and somewhat organize them, always with a smile and an eagerness to help us in any way. He brought the truck and helped unload every last item when the fair was over. That was way more than we ever asked for. Thank you, Kevin.

Since we had decided to divide the items between four different food banks serving Putnam County, we needed somewhere to unload and sort the items. Once again, Lynda Dunbar came through for us by offering to help us unload the items at her church, First Baptist Church of Greencastle. We were so happy to find tables set up that we could use to sort the items and prepare them for pick-up. Thank you, First Baptist.

I am happy to inform you all that the efforts of our Christmas at the Fair food drive resulted in over 1,500 items and over $400 in cash. Wal-Mart donated a $100 in-store credit card and the Country Bak'n Bunch donated $300. Value Market of Cloverdale donated over $140 worth of food items.

One club stood out as winners for the entire week. Before the fair had even officially started we arrived to find cases of food items, such as cereal, meal makers and mashed potatoes. The next day we arrived to find a repeat ... cases of food again ... from this same club. This continued to happen throughout the rest of the fair.

This club truly showed their members have hearts of gold. How appropriate that the clubs name is Heritage Heartland. Thank you, Heritage Heartland, and congratulations on receiving the prize of dessert from Treasures on the Square.

Lastly, we wish to thank all the members of the Family, Friends and Fun Club and our husbands and families who supported us and helped every step of the way.

We couldn't have done this without you.

Shelly Tahtinen

Family, Friends, & Fun Club

Putnam County Extension Homemakers Clubs