Commissioners hear about five worst bridges in Putnam County

Thursday, August 6, 2009
The Houck Iron Bridge is closed to traffic. It is one of several Putnam County bridge projects awaiting funding or approval from INDOT.

GREENCASTLE -- Putnam County commissioners learned Monday which bridges in the county are considered in the worst shape.

Jim Smith with the Putnam County Highway Department passed out a summary of Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT) projects.

"This is just for your information," explained Smith as he handed out a spreadsheet that shows all the projects sent to INDOT asking for funds and approval.

The five worst bridges in the county include bridges 104 and 105 on Dunbar Rd. This project is being reviewed by commissioners now and is awaiting hydraulic testing so they can proceed with moving 2,000 feet of road and the bridges out of a flood plain. It is considered a new road project.

Bridge number 10 over Big Raccoon Creek on CR 1050 N requires replacement. It is a local bridge project with an estimated cost of $1,782,500.

Bridge number 125 on CR 550S and Bridge number 248 on CR 650 E, both cross over Big Walnut creek and both require replacement. The estimate for Bridge 125 is $1,940,000 and $1,196,000 for number 248.

Two more bridges crossing Big Walnut Creek are also on the list. Bridge number 137 on CR 100 E and Bridge number 146 on CR 25 E need replacement at an estimated cost of $1,687,296 and $1,635,380.

Overall there are 41 bridge projects on the list waiting for funding and/or approval from INDOT.

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