CMS aiming for 10,000 Campbell's points

Thursday, August 20, 2009

CLOVERDALE -- Ten thousand is the number of points Cloverdale Middle School needs to collect through Campbell's Labels For Education program.

The community can help Cloverdale Middle School reach its goal by purchasing selected Campbell's product with a point value on the proof of purchase. Save the proofs of purchases and mail them to the school.

Items eligible for the program include:

* Campbell's soups

* Spaghetti O's Pasta

* Campbell's beans, gravies and canned pasta

* Prego Italian sauces

* Swanson broths and canned poultry

* Campbell's tomato juice

* Pepperidge Farm breads, cookies, crackers and frozen products

* Campbell's foodservice products

This year, Campbell's has made it easier to earn points by making selected items worth five points. The following items are worth five points for the 2009/2010 school year:

* 26 varieties of condensed soup in specially marked cans

* All Campbell's microwavable soups

* All V-8 soups

* All Campbell's Select Harvest soups

* Spaghetti O's Pasta -- original and meatball

Visit for a complete list of eligible products and point values.

For more information or questions on the program, contact Jeff Gibboney at 795-2900. Labels can be mailed to Cloverdale Middle School, 312 E. Logan St., Cloverdale, IN 46120.

Labels For Education aims to help support schools by providing the resources they need to support programs such as art, athletics and academics.

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