Letter to the Editor

What's the hold-up?

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

To the Editor:

I have e-mailed our distinguished Congressman about several issues in the recent months, all of which have been answered with platitudes that have no expectation to resolve a question or work to help this country.

The latest was a question on the holdup of Congress doing something to punish Congressman Rangle.

Mr. Rangle is a corrupt politician from Harlem who is extremely powerful in the Beltway. He also has avoided paying taxes, even though he writes the tax code. I would like to add to the question of corruption and bring up Congressmen Murtha and Jefferson, who are both Democrats who are being or had been protected by the Democrats. Why is nothing being done?

Unfortunately, the Democrats devolve even more with the vote of disapproval for Congressman Wilson and yet nothing on the criminal Democrats in Congress. Where is the Democrats' shame?

Additionally, several Democratic Congressmen have (along with others) called those who oppose President Obama "racists." This word is used to intimidate and to marginalize opposition to the President. These people who try to impede the First Amendment are immature and unprofessional and truly do not deserve to represent the people of the United States.

My question to Congressman Ellsworth is "When will you denounce these Congressional fools who are trying to divide this country with that rhetoric? Additionally, when will you pressure the IRS and or the DOJ to prosecute the crooked politicians. Mr. Ellsworth do you represent the people of the 8th district of Indiana or do you only represent the DNC?"

Derek Puterbaugh

Warren County