Letter to the Editor

Concern with a county servant

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

To the Editor:

My statement should be prefaced by two assertions.

First, I have never submitted an editorial comment to the Banner Graphic, even though there have been times I felt moved to do so, and I would never offer an opinion in the unsigned "Speak Out" section.

Secondly, the two "Speak Out" comments printed in the Oct. 23 issue regarding the auctioning of the Putnam County Home property were not submitted by me or, to the best of my knowledge, anyone in our organization. We have a great amount of respect for the agencies selected to offer the real estate and personal property, as we do for the other members of our profession operating here in the county.

I did find it curious, however, that on July 15 while visiting with the county planner on an unrelated matter, an associate auctioneer and I were asked to go by the Plat Office to review the county farm property and submit our opinion of the best way to divide the property for sale at auction.

On Aug. 2, I submitted an extensive proposed plan to the county planner to divide the property in a way that, in my opinion, would benefit the county the most.

That business letter closed "Thank you for your request and we would appreciate the opportunity to quote on the auction offering should county government decide to dispose of this property by that means."

On Sept. 9, at the conclusion of correspondence to the planner on another matter, I closed with, "Also, on another subject, we were curious if the county has gone any further with their plans to dispose of the County Farm property, and if so, what would be the process to quote on the work."

I was never contacted either verbally or in writing regarding my inquiries. However, there may have been a small, back page government announcement requesting bids with a date that I missed.

I am not complaining that an out of county auctioneer got the work; after all, he may own property in Putnam County as well. Neither do I believe I should have received preferential treatment because I have been a county resident and property owner for 48 of my 62 years.

However, the fact that there was never a response on the part of a county servant is unacceptable.

The previous "Speak Outs" were not mine -- this one is.

Rick Parent

Sellabration Auction Services