Youth City Tournament standings

Thursday, December 24, 2009

GREENCASTLE -- Over 75 youth participated in their local city bowling tournament on Dec. 13, 19, 20.

These are youth from the ages of 5 to 18 that bowl each Saturday at Alex Alleys in the Youth Leagues. Sixty of them will be going to Indianapolis in February to participate in the State Tournament.

These are the standings of the City Tournament

Team Event

Pee Wee Division

1st Dr. Boatright, DDS 1860

2nd Tucker's State Farm Ins. 1842

3rd Coy's Crew1762
4th Pappa Collier's Girls1750

Bantam Division

1st Moose #15922852
2nd St Vincent Physicians 2851
3rd Charter Service Pest Cont.2830

Junior Division

1st Carpenter Reality3201
2nd Hacker's Spare Crew3170
3rd Dixie Chopper3157
4th Tiger's Den3112
5th Lucy's Ladies3080
6th Jameson Coffee 3007

7th Sheldon's Gutter Rats 2997

8th Alexander's Masonry2994

Doubles Event

Average 150 & Under

1st Abby Hazlett/Jordan York 1238

2nd Megan Friars/Nick Duggan1222
3rd Victoria Honey/Tiara Spurrier1213
4th Lilli Oliver/Alyssa York1208

Average 151-201

1st Dylan Kendall/Zeb Rumley1299
2ndDanielle Bassett/Jimmie Gibson1289
3rd Kayden Wheeler/Brody Downing1242
4th Sammy Alexander/Tucker Hirt1234
5th Cade Bailey/Haiden Davis1227
6th Scott Duggan/Riley Jayne1185

7th Jacob Crawley/Jackson Kendall 1157

Average 201-250

1st Chelsay Dickerson/Kaitlin Morlan 1227

2nd Brittany Friars/Tony Higgins1207
3rd Duke Duff/Jalyn Duff1198
4th Kaitlynne & Annalysse Mason1189
5th Christine Bach/Devin Bassett1181
6th Anthony Lewis/Adam Jayne1174
7th Joey Fields/Todd Cain 1134
8th Janelle Mason/Alex Hyten1098

Average 250 & Above

1st Kyle Johnson/Joe York 1382

2nd Rylan Mattocks/Sam Schlatter1258
2nd Hayden Rogers/Josh Lady1258

4th Britany & Blake Doolin 1230

5th Matt Cox/Josh Chaney 1199

6th Tanner Dean/Tyler Adams1191
7th April Cain/Channing Peters1181

8th Reggie Alex/Stone Hyten 1180

9th Cody Sheldon/Caleb Stodghill1168
10th Zack King/Kaitlin Tesmer1154

11th Tyler Nield/Ray Stinson 1153

12th Austin Alspaugh/Zane Miller1146

Singles Event Boys

Average 75 & Under

1st Dylan Kendall634

2nd Kayden Wheeler 619

3rd Carl Elmore616
4th Nick Duggan600

Average 76-100

1st Riley Jayne623
2nd Tucker Hirt615
3rd Jackson Kendall 605
4th Jacob Crawley 601
5th Zeb Rumley567
6th Haiden Davis562
7th Devin Bassett560

Average 101-125

1st Todd Cain667
2nd Jimmie Gibson645
3rd Adam Jayne641
4th Sam Schlatter632
5th Joey Fields628
6th Cade Bailey620
7th Brody Downey616
8th Anthony Lewis603
9th Scott Duggan583
10th Tanner Dean544
11th Tony Higgins495

Average 126 & Above

1st Kyle Johnson 679
2nd Reggie Alex 673
3rd Josh Chaney650
4th Duke Duff633
5th Joe York627
6th Josh Lady626
7th Austin Alspaugh 613
8th Rylan Mattocks 607
8th Zack King607

10th Hayden Rogers 595

11th Ray Stinson594
12th Tyler Adams585
13th Cody Sheldon583
14th Blake Doolin579

15th Caleb Stodghill 574

16th Tyler Nield572
17th Stone Hyten565
18th Zane Miller539
19th Matt Cox509

Girls Singles Event

Average 75 & Under

1st Alyssa York662
1st Jordan York662

3rd Danielle Bassett 623

4th Lilli Oliver620
5th Tiara Spurrier615
6th Victoria Honey568
7th Abby Hazlett564

8th Sammy Alexander 532

Average 76-100

1st Megan Friars 620
2nd Brittany Friars574

Average 101-125

1st Annalysse Mason 642

2nd Jalyn Duff620
3rd Kaitlin Morlan616

4th Chelsay Dickerson 608

5th Kaitlynne Mason 603

6th Kaitlin Tesmer602
7th Janelle Mason582
8th Britany Doolin540

Average 126 & Above

1st Christine Bach624
2nd Mandi Garl604
3rd Alex Hyten576
3rd April Cain576

5th Channing Peters 569