Meyer relieved of coaching duties

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

GREENCASTLE -- Greencastle High School varsity football and head strength conditioning coach Mike Meyer was relieved of his extracurricular duties Wednesday night by the Greencastle Community School Corp. Board of School Trustees.

Meyer addressed the board before they voted on his termination as coach, calling his proposed dismissal an embarrassment. He said he was blindsided by the action, and was unclear as to what the reason for it was.

"Communication has been limited," he said. "I have never been written up or formally reprimanded for any action. If this is about wins and losses, they are what they are. I could use every cliché in the book."

Meyer said he had heard rumors about why he was being terminated.

"One thing that's offended me that's gotten back to me is that I don't care about the kids," he said. "I don't understand. I really don't."

When the board did not speak, Meyer asked blunt questions.

"Do you have an answer?" he asked. "Am I still coaching football?"

Board President Barbara Bryan told Meyer that would be decided by a board vote when discussion on the matter concluded.

Meyer's father, Edward Meyer, was next to speak.

"I'm here to support (my son) because I love him very much," he said. "If this is about the number of wins and losses, why wasn't a number shared with him? I think you as a board, as administrators, should have come forward. You didn't warn him at the start of the season."

Edward Meyer said he also had heard "innuendoes" about parents' concerns about his son's coaching tactics.

"If he did something wrong, you've all been remiss," he told the board. "If you believe it as a board, you should have shared it with the coach. You should not treat people this way."

Jacob Wright, a GHS graduate who played football under Meyer's leadership for four years, also spoke on behalf of his former coach.

"The one thing (Meyer) always drilled into our heads was communication," Wright said. "And those people who've said he doesn't care about the players ... that's asinine. I have more respect for him than I do for anyone else at the school, probably. And no one butted heads with him more than I did."

Meyer's wife Brenda discounted any notion that her husband did not care about he students he coached. She cited many occasions when her husband had encouraged his athletes and even gone so far as to travel several hours with them to college visits.

"Mike believes in commitment and honesty," she said. "The players ... they're an extension of our family. He and the other coaches ... Do they yell? Yes. Do they expect commitment? Yes."

Meyer's brother, Tony Meyer, said he had a conversation with a school board member, and that member told him "Your brother isn't the warm and fuzziest guy in the world."

"It's just kind of petty," Tony Meyer said. "It doesn't add up."

Several parents also spoke on Meyer's behalf. No one spoke in favor of his termination. GHS principal Randy Corn and Athletic Director Scott Knapp did not attend the meeting.

The board voted 3-1 in favor of releasing Meyer from his coaching duties, with Bryan dissenting. Bruce Stinebrickner abstained.

Greencastle Community School Corp. Superintendent Robert Green declined to comment.

"I'm just going to let the board action speak for itself," he said.

Green said Meyer will keep his teaching job with the corporation. He currently teaches high school English.

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  • Stop me if you've heard this one.... A realtor, a farmer and an insurance man walk into a bar (Definitely should have reversed the order).... Yeah, that's about what it was. If you are gonna fire some one, fire them. And to the the others who abstain from voting, shame on you. I really thought our highest administrator had more courage than that, sad day for Greencastle.

    It is amazing than a person can be fired for complaints that the administration approximates as " 2 maybe 3 or less a year", yet none of the complaintants showed up. How can there not be a record, are you kidding me. To go along with that, every person asked the board a question as to the situation, NO ANSWERS. Don't we deserve answers. Something other than the good old boy grins. How can you not answer, isn't that what boards are for, conversatiion with there parents and community. Shame on you Mrs. Bryan!!!!

    I feel truly sorry for every coach at Greencastle, hope you don't bench the wrong persons child or you will be next.

    -- Posted by idiot on Wed, Feb 10, 2010, at 11:49 PM
  • Sorry for the typos. AD Knapp, NICE NO SHOW!!!!!!

    -- Posted by idiot on Wed, Feb 10, 2010, at 11:53 PM
  • Finally, maybe we will run more than 3 or 4 different plays. I sat in the stands many times and knew which plays were going to be called before they were ran and if I can figure it out so can the coaches from the opposing team. Tim Tebow wasnt at qb so why did we run every single play from shotgun? Seriously it was time for a change.

    -- Posted by jester7373 on Thu, Feb 11, 2010, at 5:31 AM
  • Mr. Meyer can talk all he wants about communication. He did not communcate with parents. When questions were asked by parents at a meeting his response was I'll tell you like I tell the kids. If you don't like it there is the door. I don't doubt he had some of the kids best intentions at heart but not all. From the start I found him tho be abrassive and stand offish.

    -- Posted by hardtobelieve on Thu, Feb 11, 2010, at 8:24 AM
  • No one should be shocked by another gutless display by the greencastle school board and administration. The school board is an embarrassment to the community.

    -- Posted by beachbum on Thu, Feb 11, 2010, at 8:25 AM
  • for everyone that is taking up for this man...ask yourself one question...why was he letting children who have been in trouble and are trouble makers play instead of those kids who are good and don't cause obviously didn't help our winning percentage. Plus he was fired as a coach, not as a teacher. You don't have to have a reason to be fired as a coach - not winning could get you fired! Look at all of the colleges that have let coaches go because of not winning.

    -- Posted by girlmd on Thu, Feb 11, 2010, at 8:26 AM
  • Is our School Board adopting the Clay County Board model of operation? In Clay Co., the Board selects the Head coach while the school administrators only serve on the selection committee with one vote. Did the GHS Principal, Asst. Principal and Athletic Director make this recommendation to the GCSC Board of Directors? I suspect not. Where is the professionalism here---Coach Meyer is a quality person and has served our school and community well! He deserves to know why he has been fired as the football coach.

    The function of a School Board is to make policy and hire quality administrators to do the job on the building level----not to micro manage. Please stop passing the buck on who made the decision to fire Coach Meyer and stand up, face Coach Meyer and be professional in this matter!

    -- Posted by Who's on first on Thu, Feb 11, 2010, at 9:43 AM
  • Who's on first....did you not read the comment before..they do not need a reason. He won how many games, that is all the reason that they need. He treated a hand full of players (the trouble makers) well. The rest of the players he could care less about. If he was a coach at a bigger school in Indianapolis or a school down south, he would have been out of that position after the first year because he can't win games. It is your job as a coach to coach the talent that you do have. As far as being a quality person, I think you need to check that. Intimidation, demeaning comments, not caring, not knowing who your players are...these are not quality person characteristics.

    -- Posted by girlmd on Thu, Feb 11, 2010, at 9:54 AM
  • "I'm just going to let the board action speak for itself,"

    Don't worry, it does. By not giving a reason - you open yourself up to more criticism than you would have if you would've just stated the basic truth behind the decision; whatever it may be.

    -- Posted by jorge on Thu, Feb 11, 2010, at 10:00 AM
  • At Greencastle Schools it is never about wins/loses, it's about everyone getting to play. You have to deal with the talent your dealt as a coach...talent is not in abundance in this county. High School coaches can't recruit players. If it were about winning, Fallis would not have lasted as long as he did...not sure why he lasted as long as he did. Maybe coach Meyer wanted to actually make winners of these kids, on and off the field. Unless you have coached here, you don't know how much trouble the parents cause for coaches with good intentions.

    -- Posted by beachbum on Thu, Feb 11, 2010, at 10:02 AM
  • School board officials are elected. They can be fired too, without reason, then others can come forward and be self-serving and self-righteous.

    -- Posted by marlagarrettyu on Thu, Feb 11, 2010, at 10:08 AM
  • I will be the first to admit that a head coaching position is a tough tough job. Parents, players, administration, asst coaches, fans, etc...everyone complains, everyone has an's a tough gig. But I have spoken to many of Mr. Meyers past and present players and they don't respect him as a coach because Mr. Meyer didn't respect them. He yelled and cussed in their faces, he made fun of them, he made them feel inadequate as football players and young men. He is not a friendly man...he wasn't even friendly to the kids in the Greencastle Youth League which should have been a priority to him.

    He has never had a wining record...ever! He doesn't know how to coach at the High School level, period! I've watched just about every game he has coached in Greencastle and can assure you I knew what plays he was going to run. So let's break it down...

    1. He has no respect for his players

    2. He has no respect for the other coaches on the coaching staff

    3. He was a terrible play caller but wouldn't use other coaches suggestions.

    4. He had a losing record

    Those four items alone are reason enough to get someone fired. He might be a good man, I don't know I have never spoken to hime personally but I have heard him speak to his players. He didn't build any self confidence in his players. Self confidence is important to achieve success. Children are sensitive and need encouragement to learn. They need the support from their coaches, parents and adults to grow up well balanced. Confidence in children comes from positive support...not being belittled.

    I support the change at GHS...because my children would not have played for Mr. Meyers I would have changed school systems before I would have let them be humiliated by his antics and I am not the only parent who felt this way! Congratulations school board you made a great decision!

    -- Posted by gcastleparent on Thu, Feb 11, 2010, at 10:13 AM
  • So why didn't they just say that?

    -- Posted by jorge on Thu, Feb 11, 2010, at 10:17 AM
  • By the way beach bum...he had plenty of talent he just didn't see it he didn't make them feel like winners! Don't bring Fallis into this he was worlds better of a coach then Meyer could ever hope and dream to be!

    -- Posted by gcastleparent on Thu, Feb 11, 2010, at 10:19 AM
  • How many good players quit this year because of Mr. Meyers not being fair. Some kids only heard comments when something wrong was done never when you did a good job! These young men need encouragement on and off the field. Coaches and teachers are suppose to care.

    -- Posted by jb3098 on Thu, Feb 11, 2010, at 10:32 AM
  • Thank you Greencastle School Board for your decision. I think anyone who attended any of the Greencastle football games should know this is what was needed for the Greencastle football program. Coach Meyer may be a very good person but if you ever went to a game you could see there is a difference in yelling and coaching and his type of coaching. Last year was obviously a last straw for a lot of parents to watch as they saw how their kids were being treated and looked over. If his goal was that he made those decisions to win. He was obviously mistaken. I am not putting the kids down, it's just if you have the talent and Greencastle does, if your coaching style isn't working than it is time for a change. Again, thank you Board members for letting the remaining and future Greencastle football players have a chance to enjoy their football careers at GHS.

    -- Posted by familycounts on Thu, Feb 11, 2010, at 10:33 AM
  • beachbum ;

    "At Greencastle Schools it is never about wins/loses, it's about everyone getting to play. "

    you must not live around greencastle to make that comment or you never played greencastle sports.

    NEVER! MR. GARY CASTLES best coach!He played pure talent didn't matter if you lived on snob hill or the AVE. if you wasn't good SORRY .check 1973-1976 that is what I know. after that not a clue.

    -- Posted by Sand mann on Thu, Feb 11, 2010, at 10:42 AM
  • thank you Casey7780...I have heard numerous complaints from parents about this coach. At one point players were told they were not to talk to their parents about anything that went on at practice, in the locker room, or anything for that matter. This undermines what parents tell their kids about coming to them about anything. Now can anyone tell me what is wrong with this situation.

    -- Posted by girlmd on Thu, Feb 11, 2010, at 11:20 AM
  • This incident continues to show how just how the city of Greencastle operates. As long as you stay in the place where the good ole boys and gals think you should you are accepted. As soon as you disagree with them, you are an outcast. There was no confidentiality in this matter at all. I heard the rumors from students. It seems as if those adults involved in the matter was quick to discuss the matter with or infront of students, but not with Mr. Meyers. Some adults around here don't like to deal with issues on the front end in an effort to correct the problem. They just wait until it blows up, then add fuel to the fire and walk away and blame others.

    I pray for this community daily. May God have mercy on all those involved in this matter. He knows your hearts and the reasoning behind your decision.

    -- Posted by Youdontknow on Thu, Feb 11, 2010, at 11:24 AM
  • sand mann...The parents of greencastle kids don't care about winning or losing anything...the coaches that don't play ALL the kids are the ones that don't last.

    greencastleparent...why don't you coach the football team, you seem to have all the answers. How many sectionals did Fallis win? He spent a lot of his final years at G'castle undermining what other coaches did. He brainwashed an entire generation of kids! He was very rude to kids and coaches, I never saw what was so great about him. board here is appointed, not elected.

    -- Posted by beachbum on Thu, Feb 11, 2010, at 11:32 AM
  • Youdontknow...

    a lot of parents never said anything to Meyers face or anything to anyone for that matter because of retaliation toward their child at school. It happens a lot more than parents know. And please don't bring God into this. These parents who did complain and who are commenting now do know what's in their hearts and it's love for their child and for what is right and wrong.

    -- Posted by girlmd on Thu, Feb 11, 2010, at 11:34 AM
  • Coach, thanks for your time and effort. You are better off now. Those who believe that there is talent in the program show how little they know.

    No one should expect that your efforts would be appreciated. This community does not get it, probably never will. If it did, they would not accept the ridiculous appointed schoolboard. People like Jack Berry are able to run their own agendas and never even have to face the voters.

    -- Posted by justasking on Thu, Feb 11, 2010, at 12:00 PM
  • gcastleparent, first off you have no idea what you are talking about. Coach Meyer was not able to recruit players like private or Indianapolis schools. Also, your kids would not have ever played for Coach Meyer, obviously you haven't had experience in him "not having respect for his players or other coaches", so talk unless you know what you are talking about. Honestly, everybody that is talking bad about him, don't know him personally. He cared about every single one of his players, it was probably the underclassmen complaining but that how he was with the upperclassmen when they were freshmen. It's ridiculus, he worked so hard preparing for games, he never had the athletes to be as good as everyone wanted him to be, he worked hardto get his players the best opportunity to play football in college. I agree with you justasking.

    -- Posted by justthatguy on Thu, Feb 11, 2010, at 12:36 PM
  • Just a thought...

    Awhile back when the North Put. Football coach was about to get fired...the entire football team showed up at the board meeting in their uniforms to support their coach. When South Put was going through coaching changes the student body/players came to his defense. How many players showed up for Coach Meyer??? To my knowledge...only one former player. I think that says it all!

    As for talent...there was talent! Maybe Meyer received his coaching tips from JustAsking since he seems to be full of compliments for the kids on the team!! [sarcasm]

    -- Posted by gcastleparent on Thu, Feb 11, 2010, at 12:37 PM
  • It's sad but true. If you don't have a name here, you don't play Greencastle sports. I got cut from the softball team, a year later moved to a 4A school and made the Varsity team. That school went on the next year to win a state title. I was on the track of playing in college until I blew out my knee. Was not making the softball team at GHS due to lack of talent on my part? Not even in the slightest! You can't go from not making the team at a small town school to making an excellent team in a town of 35,000 plus without being any good. My parents and I felt very much it had to do with who the Athletic director was at that time, and issues he and my father had. Good ole boys will be good ole boys, and small town politics will always prevail. Unfortunately it's the kids who suffer. That's just my story... I'm sure there are others out there like mine... other kids who aren't getting to realize their full athletic potential just because of their parents societal status.

    -- Posted by annoyed_citizen on Thu, Feb 11, 2010, at 12:44 PM
  • you think this is college? High school coaches can't recruit! North Put didn't recruit, South Put didn't recruit,but they finished with better records. If Meyer cared like a few of you are saying (which I believe deep down he did care for the kids) he sure had a funny way of showing it! Maybe just maybe he should be coaching at a higher level...I have thought that for awhile now...he doesn't understand how to work with high school kids it doesn't mean he's a horrible person he just isn't a good fit for a high school program. If the kids like him as a teacher and he stays at GHS then I hope he has a very successful teaching career. If he decides to move on and coach somewhere else...all the luck!

    -- Posted by gcastleparent on Thu, Feb 11, 2010, at 12:46 PM
  • Greencastles football program might be on of the sorriest teams to ever take the field! Back in the late 90's early 2000's they lost every game. It was something stupid like 0-38 before they won a game. Tom and Jerry would be better coaches!

    -- Posted by 1stamendrights on Thu, Feb 11, 2010, at 12:52 PM
  • It's the whole picture - wins, lose, talent, respect, leadership, ect. The players/kids need to respect their coach and vice versa. The coach needs to respect parents and vice versa. The coach needs to work with other coaches. It's everything. I do not have a child in G'castle but I know they are bigger than and should be winning some games against N. Put, S. Put, Cloverdale. That doesn't happen in G'castle. Maybe now you will find out why!

    -- Posted by salonbabes on Thu, Feb 11, 2010, at 12:54 PM
  • I was just thinking...gcastleparent is a typical Greencastle parent...

    -- Posted by justasking on Thu, Feb 11, 2010, at 1:07 PM
  • Ok first of all, every one keeps bashing him and saying how bad of a person and coach he is! If your going to say all of that you should have the courage to say your real name and not hide behind the screen names you make up. Thats what is wrong with our society today everyone is fine with talking about people if those people they're are talking about dont know who they are. Second of whoever said that Coach McCommish is a bad person/coach your wrong. I spent three years wrestling under him and everything thing he did was very professional.

    Everyone will have different opionions about how he good of a coach. I will bet on it Meyer was doing the best he could. However, maybe his best wasn't as good as we wanted. That doesn't mean we can kick him will he's down and make him feel like he's two foot tall.

    -- Posted by kylejohnson on Thu, Feb 11, 2010, at 1:28 PM
  • To the person that said Fallis was a horrible coach..if I remember correctly you didn't throw helmets, curse, go into the stands or anything on his watch. If you said a curse word you ran, if a coach said a curse word they ran...they had respect, period!

    -- Posted by girlmd on Thu, Feb 11, 2010, at 1:32 PM
  • kylejohnson...did you not read my earlier post about parents not saying anything for fear of retaliation toward their children who are still at greencastle...once their child leaves it may be a different story

    -- Posted by girlmd on Thu, Feb 11, 2010, at 1:36 PM
  • Mr. Kyle Johnson, shouldn't you be in class, possibly english?

    -- Posted by Casey7780 on Thu, Feb 11, 2010, at 1:36 PM
  • The coach is gone what is there to fear of retaliation about??

    -- Posted by kylejohnson on Thu, Feb 11, 2010, at 1:38 PM
  • why because I am involved in who is coaching, teaching, sculpting, praising, belittling my children...then yes I am a "typical" Greencastle parent. I grew up here and I came "from the wrong side of the tracks" but yet I played Varsity sports starting my Freshman year. I lived with my single mother and was dirt poor and never once was I not given the same opportunities as everyone else. You know why I made it because I worked hard, I practiced like I played and I took pride it in. I respected ALL of my coaches and they respected me. I have raised my kids to have the same respect for their coaches and teammates.

    -- Posted by gcastleparent on Thu, Feb 11, 2010, at 1:39 PM
  • And yes I am in class but i'm not going to stand around and listen to people bash a guy who probably is very upset he lost his job and act like he doesnt care at all.

    -- Posted by kylejohnson on Thu, Feb 11, 2010, at 1:40 PM
  • he is still a teacher correct...there are students who do like him correct...that is where the retaliation comes from. When you get out in the big boy world and have'll understand about wanting to protect your children.

    -- Posted by girlmd on Thu, Feb 11, 2010, at 1:45 PM
  • big boy world, are you for real. Thats wrong with paretns these days, the act like unless we are 40 and have kids are say in the matter doesnt matter. I think protecting your child and saying what you think its different. If you were trying to protect your child then you shouldnt have said anything in the first place, but you did, so man/woman up and say your name. Thats the difference between you and me. I might still be a "boy" but i have the courage to say my name and voice my opinion about it and not be afraid of what i think.

    -- Posted by kylejohnson on Thu, Feb 11, 2010, at 1:49 PM
  • sorry there are so many typos, im trying to type fast before i lose the computer.

    -- Posted by kylejohnson on Thu, Feb 11, 2010, at 1:50 PM
  • seriously people..this guy does have a family. Oh wait, I forgot..all you older people think about is yourself.

    -- Posted by cds1305 on Thu, Feb 11, 2010, at 1:52 PM
  • this is so funny...first off I'm not 40 and i don't have children in high school. Why is protecting your child and saying what you think two different things? Again when you have a child you will understand..and I'm closer to your age than you think.

    -- Posted by girlmd on Thu, Feb 11, 2010, at 1:53 PM
  • It is funny and I tried to refrine from commenting on any of these. However when it comes to bashing a guy who has a family and act like he is a terrible guy just because he wasnt a good coach is ludicrous.

    -- Posted by kylejohnson on Thu, Feb 11, 2010, at 1:56 PM
  • Nobody said that he was a bad guy..i'm sure he is a great person and a wonderful family man...but that doesn't make him a good coach or a nice person when it comes to his players...

    -- Posted by girlmd on Thu, Feb 11, 2010, at 1:59 PM
  • Bring back the inquisition! Roll out the rack and light up the pyres. We have the perfect people to sit on the tribunal -- doing what they want how they want when they want and responsible to no one. That's our school board.

    When will Greencastle citizens get outraged enough to demand an elected school board like 98% of the rest of Indiana so that some accountability would begin to exist for the board's actions.

    I don't know the Coach. Have no idea if he should have been fired or not. But I do believe he deserves a reason for his firing if for no other reason than civility and humanity. This school board cares about neither of those things and never will because they have to account to no one. Who's ready to join a revolution?

    -- Posted by whatsup on Thu, Feb 11, 2010, at 2:04 PM
  • have more sense than many people on here do..keep doing what you are are representing young people very well

    -- Posted by justasking on Thu, Feb 11, 2010, at 2:04 PM
  • girlmd. You really need to put God in this. That is one of our biggest problem today. We think we have all the answers on our own. Without God we don't know anything. You made a statement about good and bad. That is the problem around here. Good versus evil. Rather you realize it or not, or want to accept it or not there are some very evil people in this community.

    -- Posted by Youdontknow on Thu, Feb 11, 2010, at 2:08 PM
  • For your information, I am a Christian, it just gets on my nerves when people use that as a crutch and preach. I know the bible, I do not need you telling me what to think and feel and write. That is between God and myself, that is what I meant about keeping God out of this. And yes I do agree that there are a lot of evil people in this community and in this world. That is the way it has been and always will be.

    Not one person is being evil on here. They are speaking what they feel and what is in their hearts. If it hurts some feelings than that is what they have to live with. Why don't you ask Mr. Meyer what's in his heart and question him about his motives as coach. He is not perfect either.

    -- Posted by girlmd on Thu, Feb 11, 2010, at 2:16 PM
  • I agree with the comments regarding the School Board and the way they dealt with this situation. There have been 'wisperings' for about 6 weeks regarding what they were going to do with Coach Meyer. How is that fair to him or his family. If our School Board has all the answers why did they sit there mutely when Mr. Meyer wanted answers to his questions? The principal AND the AD didn't show...typical. Looks like our School Board is just a pathetic extension of the faculty at GHS. My son played for Mr. Meyer last year and I agree that Coach Meyer should have been let go. Lets not forget that this man is human and although he was not the best coach he and his wife are good people. Enough said.

    -- Posted by justasksomeone on Thu, Feb 11, 2010, at 2:25 PM
  • Any word on who the next Coach will be.........

    -- Posted by mojo2 on Thu, Feb 11, 2010, at 2:49 PM
  • mojo2....I bet the school board already had someone lined up to take the job.

    -- Posted by beachbum on Thu, Feb 11, 2010, at 3:10 PM
  • When will people just sometimes accept that their kids aren't as good as THEY think they are. If the kids get to play b/c of their name I agree that is wrong, but make sure that is the case before you run your mouth. I have coached b/ you not realize how annoying you as parents are? "My kids can't run today, he hurt his knee, you are too hard on her, she couldn't make it to practice b/c we are going shopping"...SERIOUSLY THAT IS WHAT IT IS BECOMING. Then you say in FRONT of your children "oh, you should be playing, or "so and so" are playing b/c of his parents and several other lines of nonsense. If you want your kid to be playing, stop making excuses for them, make them be tougher out on the fields or courts. Be parents and disciplinarians, and I want to laugh at the people that think "their kids" are "good kids"...yes there are some good kids out there, but let me warn you...most of them just don't get caught. I think my kids are good too, but I am not delusional enough to ever compare or say that out loud. Unless you lock them in their room at night and hear every conversation they have you can not compare your kids to others. Just do not judge a man because of how friendly he was! My goodness people...he wasn't nice? Seriously!

    -- Posted by pattymelt on Thu, Feb 11, 2010, at 3:15 PM
  • Pattymelt...I do not have kids in high school but you are talking about parents being disciplinarians. Don't think that should go for the coach as well. Players missed practice and played, players got in trouble (in trouble with the law) and still played, players cursed, threw helmets, left the field when the game was going on and still played. It shouldn't matter if they were the best or worst players, their should have been consequences. There were kids who came to practice everyday, never said a negative thing, never got into trouble (on or off the field) and did not receive the time on the field that they should have.

    I am not from here, my high school was not like this. If you got into trouble in school or out of school you DID NOT PLAY, PERIOD! It didn't matter if you were the star quarterback. That is the way it should be. So yes it is the parents job to discipline their children but if the coach is allowing the students to get away with everything no matter what they do, then it is his fault as well.

    -- Posted by girlmd on Thu, Feb 11, 2010, at 3:32 PM
  • I would just like to say that the JV coaches have always done a great job with their teams and were actually winning at the beginning of the season until most of their players were pulled up to the varsity team and were required to practice with the varsity which meant stand on the sidelines and watch. I hope that these coaches aren't forgotten when the new head coach picks his assistants they shouldn't be lumped in with a bad coach just because he wouldn't take advice from anyone else.

    -- Posted by greencastleparent on Thu, Feb 11, 2010, at 3:36 PM
  • thelady...

    well put!

    -- Posted by girlmd on Thu, Feb 11, 2010, at 3:40 PM
  • Boy this thing is growing faster than a pimpal on a teenager's forhead

    -- Posted by obeone on Thu, Feb 11, 2010, at 3:45 PM
  • I agree with pattymelt. i have been on the team for 2 years now an i think that coach meyer was one of the best coaches that i have been lucky enough to play under. sure we didn't win every game and sure he yelled alot but its football. if your afraid of having a coach yell at your kid then take them out and put them in something that they wont get yelled at in. lets say ballroom dancing. that should be nice and quite and there little feelings won't get hurt. you can say what you want but you will never know what its like until you have been there. in the locker room when we were talking as a team and joking around and having a great time as a TEAM. he prepared us for life and all the hardships that came with it. kyle johnson i agree with you in that MCcomish is also a great coach. i talk to him all the time when im done kicking for the day. he is not selfish and he does everything he can for the team. we just haven't had the most talented kids to have a good team. sure we had a couple that stand out. but when have we had an offinsive and defensive line that were both big and strong that could protect the qb and also take down the opponent and dominate the trenches. i don't remember when. WE CAN'T COMPETE WITH THE BIGGER SCHOOLS. we don't have the resources and the people to get kids to come here. and i think that reflects on the community as a whole. no football coach is going to change this.

    Coach meyer this is kyle and i still believe in you 100%. it's not your fault buddy.

    PS. about no one showing up to the board meeting. i never knew about coach meyer's night or im sure alot of us would have been there.

    -- Posted by GHSsoccerkid20 on Thu, Feb 11, 2010, at 3:47 PM
  • Girlmd this is football not ballroom dancing. in the pros do you think that when someone messes up they just say well shoot. no they curse its in the game and im sure you never cursed at all when you were a teenager. these kids including me are trying our best to make this town proud of us. if something slips or our emotions run high things are going to happen.

    -- Posted by GHSsoccerkid20 on Thu, Feb 11, 2010, at 3:51 PM
  • also you don't know what happens in the locker room after the games. we have seniors crying and emotions are at there limits. because were trying to impress the people that come and watch us play. were trying for the community but you guys just shove us down. when you shove the coach down you shove us all down. every one of the players.

    -- Posted by GHSsoccerkid20 on Thu, Feb 11, 2010, at 3:54 PM
  • For what it's worth, you cannot discuss personnel issues in public. It's a matter of privacy that protects the individual at question.

    -- Posted by localman on Thu, Feb 11, 2010, at 3:55 PM
  • yea we haven't won sectionals for basketball since 2004 and a baseball sectionl since 1994. why don't we get rid of those coaches? or a track sectional win since 2005. or heck lets not be sexist what about the girls teams? girls basketball hasn't won sectionals since ..... 1993. last girls sectional softball win...1998 or even the oldest one, girls track hasn't one a sectional since 1982. 1982. its obvious that its not just our football program that is lacking a nice season.

    -- Posted by GHSsoccerkid20 on Thu, Feb 11, 2010, at 4:15 PM
  • are in high school, period, you are not in the pros, so the use of fowl language should not be tolerated. You look like a bunch of uneducated children when you use that language, and yes I did use those words when I was a teenager and yes I was reprimanded for it. We had coaches that yelled and demanded respect, but they also gave respect when it was earned. When a coach does not know how many seniors he has, or asks why certain kids are even showing up it is a problem. He prepared you for what..showing you that it doesn't matter if you get in trouble, are a trouble maker, don't follow rules, you will still be able to do whatever it is that you want. That is not the way the world works. When you screw up or get in trouble there are consequences.

    No one is shoving the players down. There is great talent on that team but it wasn't being used to its potential. The coach made bad choices just as every person does..he now has to live with those choices.

    -- Posted by girlmd on Thu, Feb 11, 2010, at 4:16 PM
  • If I had known of the board meeting concerning this matter, I would have attended. It has been an embarrassment to our kids and this school that over the last years that Mr. Meyer was coach, that his record was as it was. Coming from a football strong school, continual losing seasons are an embarrassemet to all involved in the program. What I am upset about is that Mr. Meyer did not have the class to say, "I have failed as a coach" and then stepped down. Yes, I am sure his record is probably 90% of the reason for his dismissial, but college and pro coaches are fired for more wins in a 3 year period than Mr Meyer has had. Recommendation? Hire Charlie Weise.

    -- Posted by Jahaya56 on Thu, Feb 11, 2010, at 4:24 PM
  • ok well i didn't see you at every single practice watching these kids run mile after mile because of missing practice. and for getting a detention or a wendsday school. and im sure that there is no high school player that hasn't cursed in any sport for whatever reason. because no place on earth is perfect. especially not greencastle. were not even close to being perfect. and secound i can tell you the kids that are not being used to there potential be cause they don't care. I am apart of this team and i know whats going on and whats happening. you don't and you never will. you don't even have kids in high school. you don't know that times have changed and its not the good ol boys system any more.

    -- Posted by GHSsoccerkid20 on Thu, Feb 11, 2010, at 4:26 PM
  • see jahaya56 even said that if she/he would have known that this meeting was happening she/he would have went. this is whats wrong with our town. its full of buis people who never speak for what they believe is right and when they do they do it under the table where no one is around to speak up for it. ie coach meyers board meeting. the only one that was probably told to attend or that this meeting was going on was mr. meyer

    -- Posted by GHSsoccerkid20 on Thu, Feb 11, 2010, at 4:32 PM
  • All I have to say about it is that hes not the coach anymore. We'll find a new coach and if he wins he be in there till he stops winning. Thats the way it should be. Sports are suppose to teach kids teamwork, sportsmanship, and work ethic. Although I dont agree with the board on how they did not provide Mr. Meyer with any reasons why, if it was becasue he didnt win enough thats what they should have told him. However, many people are afraid to tell people what they really think now a days.

    The board is what I dont understand (thats what i get for being young) I thought that the AD was suppose to pick the coaches but I guess not. Whenever there are politics involve the chances of it being corrupt are increased I believe.

    -- Posted by kylejohnson on Thu, Feb 11, 2010, at 4:36 PM
  • I think the idea of the people voting on the school board is the way it should be. If you pay taxes to the school you should have a say in who calls the shots. As far as Meyer goes, I don't think he should be held at a different standard than any other coach or teacher, he does deserve to know why this has taken place, whether the action is right, wrong or indifferent, and that reasoning should hold for all the other coaches and staff in all the sports.

    -- Posted by sadNmad on Thu, Feb 11, 2010, at 4:36 PM
  • I agree that the community should vote on the School board, however I find it funny that Coach Meyer would even quetion why he was let go as a coach. I don't think it's rocket science to figure that one out, look at GHS football record, enough said. It's time for a change let's move on, he is still a teacher at GHS, if you feel he is a wonderful influence join his class. My son played for him for four years, loves him as a teacher, that's why I have kept my mouth shut to this point, but as a coach he was not one!!!!!!!!!

    -- Posted by Casey7780 on Thu, Feb 11, 2010, at 4:44 PM
  • This is terrible. I am one of Mr. Meyer's students. Take it from somebody who knows, He is an amazing guy. Yeah, They have lost a few football games.. Ohwell, You will get that with every coach you have. I just know that all of the kids love him. He 'gets us'. He knows us better then we know ourselves... I just can't say one bad thing about him. You don't know how many football boys are going to be crushed because of this. Bad mistake, it will come back and haunt the board for sure.

    -- Posted by highschoolgirl on Thu, Feb 11, 2010, at 4:44 PM
  • I agree with you Casey7780 he is a great teacher. The record I agree with you too but if your speeding and get pulled over you would still like to be TOLD why your being pulled over right?

    -- Posted by kylejohnson on Thu, Feb 11, 2010, at 4:47 PM
  • For those of you requiring a reason for Mr. Meyer's firing, check with the state of Indiana rules for employers. Indiana is a "right to work state" which means you can be fired from your job without being given a reason. I have always said this is unfair but it is the law. Therefore, the board had the right to relieve Mr. Meyer of his coaching duties without a reason.

    -- Posted by Jahaya56 on Thu, Feb 11, 2010, at 4:51 PM
  • Kyle, read your comment, if your speeding, then it would be obvious why you were pulled over, again not rocket science. I know your hurt, mad but come on, everyone must have seen this coming.

    -- Posted by Casey7780 on Thu, Feb 11, 2010, at 4:51 PM
  • To the person (beachbum) who said if staying was about wins, Coach Fallis would have never lasted. In 18 seasons, Fallis was 114-78 (roughly 60%) with 3 undefeated seasons (85, 91, 95) and five conference championships. They don't put you in the Indiana Football Hall of Fame for being a nice guy. That's why he lasted beachbum.

    -- Posted by conffool on Thu, Feb 11, 2010, at 4:53 PM
  • I'm not hurt and I'm not mad. I havent played football in highschool. Plus, i am a senior. Its the matter fact that they didn't tell him why. He deserved to know why he was fired.

    -- Posted by kylejohnson on Thu, Feb 11, 2010, at 4:55 PM
  • Kyle, welcome to adulthood, read Jayha56 comment, he put it well. If he doesn't know why he was let go, I pitty him. He wasn't a coach, PERIOD!!!! He had four offensive play's, the crowd would call it from the stands, come on, even I could do that!!! I agree coaches yell, but he would yell at kids that weren't even in the game, to me this is how clueless this man is, doesn't even know who is on the field. One parent heard the coach yelling at there son during half time & this kid never stepped on the field. Or how about the player that spent his last few games in a wheelchair & the coaches asked why he even bothered to show-up to practice or the game, come on this player has been involved with these players since pee-wee football. I could go on & on.........

    -- Posted by Casey7780 on Thu, Feb 11, 2010, at 5:01 PM
  • I agree with you on everything but that rule is dumb. Lets not let any corrupt people get in positions of power or all the teachers will be getting fired. But I guess that is what comes with adulthood and I am glad I still have about 3 months to be a child.

    Did anyone complain about Bob Knights tactics when he was winning NCAA championships back in the 80's? I know its different to that its college and highschool, but still kinda the same concept.

    -- Posted by kylejohnson on Thu, Feb 11, 2010, at 5:06 PM
  • What boggles my mind is that the athletic director and the principle wasn't in attendence. I would fire them on the basis of being cowards.

    -- Posted by 1stamendrights on Thu, Feb 11, 2010, at 5:22 PM
  • the school cancelled conditioning last week, like we didnt know what was going to happen. jack and his crew and the doctor always have an agenda. thanks to kelly at least we can now speak before they vote. yes we need an elected board, so if they all quit we can vote, be first jack step up for once. and if you are not going to vote on an issue why should we pay you , step up and quit. mike has just went through what many have already been through. this is not about mike, what this board and the doctor has done is wrong.

    -- Posted by unclewayne on Thu, Feb 11, 2010, at 5:45 PM
  • Waaaaaay too many posts on this story. Greencastle at it's best.

    -- Posted by Harmony Church on Thu, Feb 11, 2010, at 5:55 PM
  • girlmd, I never questioned your christainity. I only made a true comment of keeping God in the mist of all this. If that offended you, well I'll continue to pray for you.

    Everyone deserves respect. I beleive that this matter could have been handled in a better manner. As I said earlier, the children at the school was speaking on Mr. Meyer being fired before the meeting.

    Speaking what one feels and what is in one's heart doesn't always mean it is right.

    -- Posted by Youdontknow on Thu, Feb 11, 2010, at 6:39 PM
  • Am I missing something? Greencastle has to cut $471,000 and may RIf 9 TEACHERS. So we fire the football coach so that we can add another 10,000+ to the deficit. Therefore, fiscal responsiblity takes a backseat to the football program and a certain board member's agenda.Congrats to a fiscally responsible group of people who are more interested in football than education.

    -- Posted by crazyamyred on Thu, Feb 11, 2010, at 6:48 PM