Drunk driving awareness campaign seeks young musicians

Monday, March 22, 2010

What Becca Levy lacks in years, she more than makes up for with heart. The 13-year-old Washington D.C. native has just entered her teens, but has already had her fill of the drunk driving accidents that kill thousands each year.

Becca is using her music to make a difference, and she is looking for a few Indiana teens to do that very same thing.

"Did you know that every 32 minutes, a person dies in a drunk driving accident in America? When I learned this, I realized that this was something I wanted to do something about, and the best way was through music" Levy said. "It's a language that all young people speak."

With that resolve behind her, Becca could not be happier about being named National Spokesperson for the Stop Drunk Driving Now Kids Saving Kids CD Campaign.

The campaign marks the first time that talented young musicians from across America will work together to use their music to raise awareness about the dangers of driving under the influence.

"I am very excited to join forces with Indiana's many talented young performers," Levy said. "This is a great way for kids from across America to work together and save lives. To be able to achieve that through our music is amazing!"

A total of 30 artists will appear on a digitally distributed CD, and the music of these talented young people will be available for free downloading by anyone in America.

When people visit the page to hear the music, they will see a host of messages -- designed by high school and college students --about the brutal costs of drunk driving and prevention messages.

Ronald Bellanti, president of Boston-based Illumina Records said, "This is another weapon in our drunk driving prevention arsenal, the earlier we start kids thinking about not getting behind the wheel drunk the better."

And that is exactly what the Kids Saving Kids Campaign will do. The artists who appear on the CD will all be under the age of 18. That means that the music will not only be created by young artists, but geared to young listeners -- the very people to start soaking in these messages.

The uniqueness of the opportunity is not lost on the artists.

"What better way to use my music than to save other kids' lives? Drunk driving affects everyone regardless of his or her age," Levy said. "I hope you will join me in this fight. Together we can all make a difference."

To submit music for consideration, submit a MP3 or a WAV file of one song. Also include age, hometown and parents' contact information.

Music can also be submitted by e-mail at ksksubmit@stopddnow.com

To can learn more about Becca Levy and hear her music, visit www.beccalevy.com.

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