Cloverdale fall to Miners at home

Friday, April 16, 2010
Cloverdale's Chris Arnold tees off on No. 12 at Clover Meadows Thursday. Arnold led the Clovers with a medalist round of 39, but the team fell 166-177 to the Miners.

CLOVERDALE -- Coming off an impressive start to the 2010 season, Cloverdale struggled with Linton-Stockton Thursday, falling 166-177.

Clover Meadows greeted both teams with ideal conditions and a group of golfers would be hard pressed to have better weather to perform in.

Cloverdale's No. 1 golfer Chris Arnold, after posting a season-opening round of 32, posted a medalist worthy round of 39.

Alex Evans recorded a 45 on the day, with Mike Matthews adding a 46 and Ryan Book a 47. Sam Jordan chipped in with a score of 51 and Colte Tomlinson rounded out the scoring with a 52.

Head coach Doug Wokoun was pleased with his team's effort, but saw some areas where they could improve.

"At times I thought we played very well and I think we have some things to work on with consistency, but some of it is physical execution and some of it's mental," Wokoun said. "There's some things that happened tonight that I thought were better than the other night. There's some things where I don't think we made any improvement at all.

"But, it's the second night out and overall I'm not terribly disappointed in what took place," he added.

Wokoun was also happy with his golfers from top to bottom on Thursday. Even when they struggled, they continued to battle and post good scores.

"I'm real happy with the way Chris battled today because he did not have as good of a round as he did Monday obviously," he said. "But a few other guys who did not like Mike Matthews, who did not play well Monday, he played pretty well tonight.

"We'll have a good hole and a good hole and then a bad hole. And we're letting the bad holes influence us more than we're letting the good holes influence us. Some of that, I guess maybe, is confidence. We've got to just believe that we can do what we're doing," Wokoun commented.

Linton-Stockton was led by Luke Jerrells' 40 and Cole Bradbury's 41.

The Clovers will host Northview Monday at 4:30 p.m.

At Clover Meadows

Linton-Stockton 166, Cloverdale 177

Medalist -- Arnold (CHS) 39

Linton Stockton -- Jerrells 40, Bradbury 41, Rhoden 42, Boyd 43, Stefarcik 46, French 48

Cloverdale -- Arnold 39, Evans 45, Matthews 46, Book 47, Jordan 51, Tomlinson 52

Next match -- The Clovers will host Northview Monday at 4:30 p.m.