GHS boys win county, set record

Wednesday, May 12, 2010
Greencastle jumper Jordan Hickam took the long jump with a leap of 20-feet-11-inches.

GREENCASTLE -- When you're setting records at the Putnam County Meet, you can be assured the day is going well. That's exactly what the Tiger Cubs did Tuesday, en route to their 10-win championship effort.

The 400 relay team of Trevor Teal, Steven Miller, Jordan Hickam and Ryan Payne scorched the track to post a 44.66 in the event and eclipse the record set in 2006.

"It was a pretty good day," GHS head coach Mike Schimpf said. "We were able to set a county meet record, that's cool, in the four by one. They guys weren't necessarily thrilled with their times, but now they've set a high standard for themselves, so that's good. That's good when you're not happy and you're setting records -- this is a good sign."

Hickam had a big night for GHS in addition to being part of the record-setting relay team, he also won the long jump with a distance of 20-11, finished third in the 100 (12.19) and was second in the high jump with a height of 5-10.

Payne won the 110 hurdles in a time of 16.17 and the 200 in 23.90, while Ryan Stevens took the 3,200 with a time of 10:54.09 and Cameron Cash won the 800 with a time of 2:09.03. Tyler Hudson won the 1,600 with a time of 4:52.56, while Nate Haynes won the 400 in a time of 54.61.

The 3,200 relay team of Nathan Eubank, Cash, Nate Secrest and Ryan Gillespie won with a time of 8:51.35, while the 1,600 team of Cash, Gillespie, Haynes and David Cath won with a time of 3:41.38.

"I was happy to see Jordan Hickam come through in the long jump," Schimpf said. "It was tough match. He and Hinton, and Hinton had great success last year and we respect what he can do, he's a great jump. That was a good one for Jordan to pull off. Jordan had a big night. He was on that four by one, he ran in the 100 and got third and he ended up second in the high jump, so he had some good points tonight.

"You look at a guy like Ryan Payne, who ended up winning the 200, being on the four by one and, my gosh, the 110 meter hurdles. He was smooth, he still hit a couple hurdles, and so we have to work on that. David Cath had a good run in the 300 (hurdles). It was really close. Nate Haynes did awesome in the 400. He was trying to psyche himself out before, fortunately he came through," he said.

Schimpf spoke about a heated 800 battle and the points he received from some an unexpected area.

"In the 800, Cameron Cash and Tyler Hudson had a great race against each other," he said. "They really worked against each other. Our mile guys came through. Paul Bryan ran really well. We have a lot of young guys in the distance events especially and those guys are still learning. We've ended up with a lot of seniors on the sprint side.

"Cody Duncan and Ben Hesler both scored in the shot put and that's not always our strength. Caleb Stodghill threw the discus well, he wasn't satisfied, but it was a tight event. It was really close," Schimpf added.

Adam Masters record two of South Putnam's three wins on the night, winning the shot put and the discus. He won the discus with a distance of 133-11 and the shot put with a toss of 45-7.

Trent Workman added South Putnam's other victory on the night by winning the pole vault with a height of 9-6.

The Cloverdale Clovers received two wins from senior James Hinton Tuesday. Hinton won the high jump with a height of 6-feet even and the 300 hurdles with a time of 43.43.

Cloverdale head coach Andrew Tyler commented that the team is dealing with some injuries, but was pleased with the team's effort.

"We performed pretty well," Tyler said. "We had a few kids spring some injuries, which has been the story of our season. (Jeff) Couse pulled a hamstring last meet last week and he's still dealing with that. I pulled Dillin Gray from all the events except the 1,600 relay, but he still performed all right. I'm pleased with his performance. I think he did well considering what he's going through.

"(James) Hinton was thrown in the 300 hurdles at the last minute and ended up pulling it off. I'm pleased. Everyone worked hard," he added.

North Putnam had one first place win on the night, which came in a very heated 100 meter dash contest.

Cougar sophomore Tyler Shorter finished ahead of Cloverdale's Jeff Couse in the event with a time of 11.94.

South Putnam head coach Carl Coons and North Putnam head coach Jim Spencer were unavailable for comment following the meet.

The teams will return to South Putnam Friday for the West Central Conference meet at 5 p.m.

At South Putnam

Boys Results

3,200 R -- 1. GHS (Eubank, Cash, Secrest, Gillespie) 8:51.35, 2. Cloverdale (Nees, Chambers, Grever, Rumley) 9:00.78, 3. South Putnam (Arnold, Cavell, Wilson, Hayes) 9:06.69, 4. North Putnam (Mindiola, Smith, Osborn, Kirkham) 10:24.69

110 H -- 1. Payne (GHS) 16.17, 2. Zigler (SP) 18.17, 3. Lane (CHS) 18.40, 4. Mason (NP) 19.21, 5. Reed (NP) 20.43, 6. Geier (SP) 20.93, 7. Rumley (CHS) 27.30

100 -- 1. Shorter (NP) 11.94, 2. Couse (CHS) 11.98, 3. Hickam (GHS) 12.19, 4. Teal (GHS) 12.38, 5. Law (CHS) 12.87, 6. Osborn (NP) 12.90, 7. Dyson (SP) 13.07, 8. Buis (SP) 13.47

1,600 -- 1. Hudson (GHS) 4:52.56, 2. Stevens (GHS) 4:57.97, 3. Arnold (SP) 5:16.41, 4. Spears (NP) 5:20.44, 5. Chambers (CHS) 5:24, 6. Osborn (NP) 5:26.59

400 R -- 1. GHS (Teal, Hickam, Miller, Payne) 44.66, 2. North Putnam (Spencer, Franklin, Everts, Shorter) 45.96, 3. Cloverdale (Rossetti, Law, Hinton, Couse) 47.23, 4. South Putnam (Zigler, Hayes, Dyson, Gardner) 49.98

400 -- 1. Haynes (GHS) 54.61, 2. Vondersaar (NP) 54.63, 3. Rumley (CHS) 56.45, 4. Smerage (NP) 56.70, 5. Hayes (SP) 58.01, 6. Shuee (GHS) 59.46, 7. Chambers (CHS) 1:11.12

300 H -- 1. Hinton (CHS) 43.43, 2. Cath (GHS) 43.58, 3. Grever (CHS) 47.51, 4. Mason (NP) 47.82, 5. Zigler (SP) 48.90, 6. Gillespie (GHS) 49.18, 7. Reed (NP) 49.51, 8. Geier (SP) 56.51

800 -- 1. Cash (GHS) 2:09.03, 2. Hudson (GHS) 2:10.69, 3. Kirkham (NP) 2:16.28, 4. Cavell (SP) 2:16.87, 5. Smith (NP) 2:17.88, 6. Nees (CHS) 2:24.18, 7. Dean (CHS) 2:24.34

200 -- 1. Payne (GHS) 23.90, 2. Everts (NP) 24.54, 3. Foreman (CHS) 25.18, 4. Couse (CHS) 25.21, 5. Teal (GHS) 26.51, 6. Zigler (SP) 26.91, 7. Waters (SP) 27.01

3,200 -- 1. Stevens (GHS) 10:54.09, 2. Arnold (SP) 11:08.56, 3. Bryan (GHS) 11:40, 4 Worthington (CHS) 13:15.88, 5. Mindiola (NP) 13:33.03

1,600 -- 1. GHS (Cath, Cash, Gillespie, Haynes) 3:41.38, 2. North Putnam (Spencer, Everts, Smerage, Vondersaar) 3:43.34, 3. Cloverdale (Gray, Chambers, Grever, Rumley) 3:50.41, 4. South Putnam (Hayes, Gardner, Waters, Wilson) 3:58.10

Long jump -- 1. Hickam (GHS) 20-11, 2. Hinton (CHS) 20-9.5, 3. Couse (CHS) 20-2.5, 4. Shorter (NP) 18-2, 5. Franklin (NP) 17-9, 6. Bonebrake (GHS) 17, 7. Dyson (SP) 16-9.5, 8. Workman (SP) 15-11.5

High jump -- 1. Hinton (CHS) 6, 2. Hickam (GHS) 5-10, 3. Adams (NP) 5-8, 4. Everts (NP) 5-8, 5. Foreman (CHS) 5-6

Discus -- 1. Masters (SP) 133-11, 2. Vondersaar (NP) 124-4, 3. Spencer (NP) 122.01, 4. Stodghill (GHS) 118, 5. Moore (CHS) 106-2, 6. Rossetti (CHS) 92.07, 7. Watson (GHS) 89-10

Shot put -- 1. Masters (SP) 45-7, 2. Moore (CHS) 42-4, 3. Bryan (NP) 42, 4. Duncan (GHS) 40-6.5, 5. Hesler (GHS) 39-4.5, 6. Spencer (NP) 38-3, 7. Jonte (CHS) 34-2

Pole vault -- 1. Workman (SP) 9-6, 2. Barger (GHS) 8-6, 3. Wilson (SP) 8-6