Public Record for May 20, 2010

Thursday, May 20, 2010

The following were filed in the Putnam County courts May 13-18:

Criminal Cases

* Paul J. Mullins, 51, Class A misdemeanor driving while suspended.

* Jay A. Swalley, 54, Class A misdemeanor check deception.

* Angela M. Sanders, 31, Class B misdemeanor battery.

* Robert Howard, 50, Class D felonies operating while intoxicated and operating a vehicle as a habitual traffic violator and Class C misdemeanor operating while intoxicated.

* Jason R. Brown, 29, Class A misdemeanor criminal trespass.

* Joshua L. Bollman, 20, Class B misdemeanor criminal mischief.

* Eric W. Zimmerman, 21, Class B misdemeanor criminal mischief.

* Jamychel E. Hirsch, 19, Class A misdemeanor possession of marijuana, Class A infraction possession of paraphernalia.

* Clay J. Berry, 19, Class D felonies theft, fraud and receiving stolen property (two counts).

* Eric D. Rogers, 39, Class A misdemeanor operating a motor vehicle with at least .15 liters of alcohol in .210 liters of breath, Class C misdemeanor operating while intoxicated.

* Oluwole A. Adeniran, 19, Class C misdemeanors illegal possession of alcohol and minor in a tavern.

* Amber Turner, 24, Class B felony conspiracy to commit burglary.

* Chris S. Dean, 39, Class A misdemeanor operating a motor vehicle with at least .15 grams of alcohol in .210 liters of breath, Class C misdemeanor operating while intoxicated.

* Brianna L. Schmall, 20, Class C misdemeanors illegal consumption of alcohol and minor in a tavern.

Traffic Infractions

*Christopher Douglas, safety belt violation.

* Bill Craig, safety belt violation.

* John Castle, exceeding maximum speed limits.

* Kenneth Cash, exceeding maximum speed limits.

* M.S. Cade, following too closely.

* Tiffany Smythe, exceeding maximum speed limits.

* Wendy Sanders, exceeding maximum speed limits.

* Samuel Fauber, disregarding a stop sign.

* Malissa Arsnoe, exceeding maximum speed limits.

* David Salgado, no log book.

* Eric Benson, violation of Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations.

* John Pierce, exceeding maximum speed limits.

* Rita Wyman, exceeding maximum speed limits.

* Jana Wilkes, failure to signal lane change.

* Gregory Wheeler, safety belt violation.

* Janet Price, exceeding maximum speed limits.

* Brett Lebo, Violation of Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations.

* Michael Bishop, exceeding rural interstate speed limits.

* Douglas Lusch, over registered weight.

* Cody Stewart, exceeding maximum speed limits.

* Rodney Elam, exceeding maximum speed limits.

* Kathy Sadler, operating a vehicle without financial responsibility.

* Joy Ofeoluwaoguntimein, speeding.

* Robert England, exceeding maximum speed limits.

* Mandy Edwards, safety belt violation.

* Larry McAllister, safety belt violation.

* Chrysta Baxter, exceeding maximum speed limits.

Civil Claims

* Chase Bank vs. Kelley S. Branchfield

* LVNV Funding vs. Betty Jolliff

* LVNV Funding vs. Daryl Jones

* Discover Bank vs. Evamarie E. Skiles

* LVNV Funding vs. James W. Flatt

* GE Money Bank vs. Randolph R. Tomasino

* LVNV Funding vs. Pauline Brummett

Small Claims

* Mark Smith DDS vs. Russel Cofer

* Mark Smith DDS vs. Skyler K. Parks

* Mark Smith DDS vs. Daniel Kortz

* Mark Smith DDS vs. Anthony D. Taylor

* Jolene Sawyer vs. Connie and Noll Brooks

* Steele's Auto and Wrecker Service vs. Brenda Wineman

* Jim and Sara Sanford vs. Benjamin J. Davis

* Twin C Inc. vs. Jennie and Kenneth Kirkman

Mortgage Foreclosures

* BAC Home Loans vs. Ronald V. Yates

* BAC Homes Loans vs. Mark Keyt

* BAC Home Loans vs. Tina Tinkler and Barbara Quack

* US Bank vs. Rodney S. Weninger

* US Bank vs. Kenneth Allen and Mellisa Dawn Walls

* Everhome Mortgage vs. Carol S. and William G. Cook

* Green Tree Servicing vs. Kenneth and Lynn Kortum


* Luke Stan Lovins

Reciprocal Child Support

* State of Indiana vs. Kenneth Kenworthy and Jessica A. Sturges

* Alisha Kimes vs. Patrick M. Kimes II

Real Estate Transfers

* Robert L. and Joyce A. Wrede to Linda A. and Roe Wrede, tract 21, 13N, 3W, southeast west half, 74 acres

* Clifford H. Rubendall to Pam Wade, tract 12, 12N, 4W, southwest southeast part, half-acre

* Jack F. and Trudy L. Wright to Kenneth P. Wisener, 409 E. Washington St., Roachdale

* Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Jesse Harrington and Ginger Vargas, 18 Victory Hill, Coatesville

* Tim Weiler to Building Construction and Consulting Inc., Patriots Landing Lot 42

* Ronald Jaggers to Frank D. Simpson, Fairview Addition Lots 1-7, Bainbridge

* James D. and Carolyn J. Harshey to Marshall M. and Alma Y. Harshey, tract 9, 15N, 4W, southeast part, west half, 10.03 acres

* John E. Roberts Jr. to Carmine R. Humphries Jr., Jefferson Valley Lot 515

* Jeffrey A. and Cynthia J. Mattox to Debra J. Wyatt, Villa South Lots 20 and 21

* Jeffrey A. and Heather D. Miller to Jesse D. Aiser, 69 Kingswood Court, Greencastle

* Matt and Karen Headley to Beth Anne Brummett, 1550 W. C.R. 25S, Greencastle

* Chapel Cemetery Co. to Brenda and Jimmy Smith, Lot 48 in Block 5, two graves

Marriage Licenses

* Robert Earl Brooks, 31, and Traci Shylain, 23, both of Coatesville

* Larry A. Atkinson Jr., 39, abd Michelle L. Daniels, 37, both of Reelsville

* Stephen Ross Brannan, 23, Cocoa, Fla., and Sarah Elyse Crosby, 21, Greencastle

* Jared Orion Scott, 22, Russellville, and Jennifer E. Hedrick, 31, Auburn

* Douglas L. Boruff, 47, North Vernon, and Carol L. Allee, 47, Greencastle


* Elise Danielle Sanford from David Ross Sanford

* Candace Ann Watson from Larry Dale Watson

* Ashley Sandusky Wright from James Sandusky Wright