Arnold's 3-under par paces Clovers

Thursday, May 27, 2010

CLAYTON -- Chris Arnold's three-under par 33 led the Clovers over Monrovia Wednesday 172-190. Arnold earned medalist honors, edging out the Bulldogs' Rylan Porter's 35.

Cloverdale head coach Doug Wokoun commented on the rivalry between the two and the wonderful rounds it has produced.

"Chris and Rylan Porter had a great match," Wokoun said. "They both birdied the first hole. Porter got bogey on the third hole, but birdied the fourth. But so did Chris. Porter bogeyed the fifth, and Chris made a 20-foot birdie on six. Porter birdied the ninth, but had run out of holes.

"They both played excellent golf, but Chris was pretty close to flawless. They have played some great head-to-head matches over the last couple of years, and this might have been the best yet. Chris finished three-under and Porter one under. You have to have some sympathy for Porter, who played a great round, only to lose by two strokes," Wokoun commented.

In addition to Arnold's 33, Gary Williams fired off a 41 for the Clovers, while Sam Jordan shot a 48, Alex Evans and Ryan Book a 50 and Colte Tomlinson a 52.

Wokoun noted that the temperature was 91 degrees when the teams teed off, but it wasn't the heat that caused the problems for some of his golfers.

"I don't think the conditions affected Gary Williams," Wokoun commented. "He had another good round, and avoided most of the trouble he encountered. For some of the others, however, the heat might have been the kind of mental distraction that can kill a round.

"For our next three players, it seemed that we reverted to some of the same problems that have plagued us this season. All three players had seven pretty good holes, but had two that just got the better of them. Sam had two triple bogeys that wrecked an otherwise pretty good round. Alex and Ryan both played pretty well at times, but just couldn't find the consistency to avoid trouble," he said.

The Cloverdale coach also acknowledged that the team has been battling tough times throughout the season, but still believes they will be ready for the upcoming sectional.

"We have battled these difficulties all season, and I know our players are frustrated. We just have to keep persevering and trying to sharpen our mental approach. The physical part of the game has been difficult at times because we have allowed mental breakdowns to get the best of us. I know our squad will continue to work to correct these things as best we can over the next two weeks," he said.

Cloverdale will travel back to Deer Creek to face Cascade Tuesday at 10 a.m.

At Deer Creek G.C.

Cloverdale 172, Monrovia 190

Individual Results

Medalist -- Arnold (CHS) 33

Cloverdale -- Arnold 33, Williams 41, Jordan 48, Evans 50, Book 50, Tomlinson 52

Monrovia -- Porter 35, Moore 50, Jaynes 52, Barnes 53, Stamper 54, Kace 60

Next match -- Cloverdale will travel back to Deer Creek to face Cascade Tuesday at 10 a.m.