Letter to the Editor

It's time to move America forward

Friday, June 18, 2010

To the Editor:

For people like myself who are involved in small businesses, the current economic situation is nothing but unsettling.

This is the time to support a transformation of our economy to one that relies on clean, renewable energy, and creates jobs in every state.

Small businesses have much to gain with an energy overhaul that is currently being considered in Congress. Put together by both Republicans and Democrats, the climate change bill could create over 1.9 million jobs across the nation, helping to bolster small businesses everywhere.

If we fail to force Indiana's Senators Lugar and Bayh to pass the climate change bill, we only leave a worse world for those that come after us.

The time to act was yesterday.

Every day that the Senate does not act is a day that more and more pollution floods our rivers and oceans and dangerous fossil fuels fill the air. We become more and more reliant on foreign oil, undercutting our nation's security.

Please contact your senators today. Let's move America forward.

Bethany Harrod