Can you feel the Heat? LeBron ready to rule Miami

Friday, July 9, 2010

I can honestly say I'm surprised. I assumed all the talk about the Miami Heat forming their own "Big 3" to contend with the likes of the Celtics was just that -- a lot of talk. But now it's a reality.

As most of you know already, LeBron James will join Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade in Miami next season, ending the "Where will LeBron go?" sweepstakes. And to be frank, I think it's a horrible idea.

So, the King will now move his kingdom south and begin his rule in Miami, but how will Bosh and Wade become his loyal subjects? Even though they are three young superstars, and as we all know, there can only be one king.

I still feel his best option was in Chicago and their young crop of talent and my heart goes out to the people of Cleveland. The city has experienced more than its share of shocking sports moments throughout the years.

The Shot

Michael Jordan nails a hanging shot over Craig Ehlo in Cleveland to win the best of five series by one point, 101-100.

The Drive

John Elway leads the Denver Broncos to a dramatic 23-20 win against the Browns in overtime. Elway connected with Mark Jackson with: 37 remaining in regulation to tie the game.

Browns become Ravens

Art Modell moved the beloved Browns to Baltimore; they become the Ravens and win the 2000 Super Bowl. Can you say snake bitten?

Those are just a few of the sports moments that have shaped the unfortunate Cleveland sporting landscape. But, I'm not sure how long it will be before the city can rebound after the departure of James.

The game will go on of course, but how much can one city endure? If it were one or two, possibly even three or four moments when the city's sports franchises seemed to be cursed that would be something, but it seems the list could be never ending.

However, this is a great move for the Heat.

The franchise has already sold out its allotted season tickets so far and that was just with the news James might join the team. Now that he's an official member, there's not doubt Miami will be making some serious cash in the merchandise and ticket sales department.

That being said, I still don't think Miami will make a legitimate run for a title this season. Too many variables are working against them. While they may have three top-tier players, the talent drops dramatically once you go four-deep on the team.

You know what else this means? More than likely Pat Riley will be coming back to the bench to coach the team. We all know his affinity for playing with new superstars and I'm not sure he could resist returning to the bench to coach a team with such high expectations.

Now we can all breathe easier and get back to our lives now that we know LeBron is Miami bound. It's been hard not getting distracted and forget...

Do you smell something burning?