Owens lands in Cincy... kinda

Friday, July 30, 2010

So, a new era for Terrell Owens is set to begin in Cincinnati, but if Thursday was any indication, it looks like we might be getting the same ol' T.O.

There's no better way to make an impression on a new team than missing your flight to make your debut in its colors. You've struggled to find a team all off-season and now on the brink of signing your contract, you choose to go to a movie and eventually miss your flight to a reported $2 million contract.


The good news for Owens is the fact fellow Bengals wideout Antonio Bryant has decided to give up his No. 81 to the veteran receiver. His reasoning is because of Owens's legacy and only asked for a small donation, not for himself, but for his Little League programs in Miami. Finally, a pro athlete acting more like a person than a prima donna.

I've never considered myself a fan of Owens, but I don't dislike the guy either. He's a heck of a receiver, but if you look at his history, bad things follow this guy. It might not have a single thing to do with him; however, you can't deny something always happens.

The dynamic is different in Cincy though. He's not the alpha dog, so that will be the most interesting aspect of this experiment. I think if he's able to keep his attitude in check and play his role, this team could be something

else. Good quarterback, more than adequate

running attack and now a three-headed monster receiver corps. Basically, the league might want to keep its eyes wide open.

However, Owens isn't coming off a big season by any means. In fact, he posted his worst numbers since the '99 season, hauling in only 55 passes for 829 yards.

Also, Owen is more than likely on the downward trajectory of

his career. At 36, he's no spring chicken, but as Brett Favre proved last season, even a man with more than a few grey hairs can get the job done.

I'm still in flux as to which team I'll be throwing my support behind since Favre hasn't decided whether or not he's coming back for another year.

I guess I could always cheer for another aging player who has something left to prove. The only difference is I'm not sure Owen has much left in the tank.