Registered sex offender arrested on child porn charge

Wednesday, November 10, 2010
Lonnie L. Keeney

GREENCASTLE -- A Greencastle man who was convicted of child molestation eight years ago has been arrested for possessing child pornography.

Lonnie L. Keeney, 53, of 181 S. C.R. 100E, was arrested on Tuesday and charged with Class D felony possession of child pornography.

Putnam County Chief Deputy Prosecutor Justin Long requested Keeney's bond be set at $20,000 cash, but Judge Matthew Headley ordered bond at $25,000 with 10 percent allowed. As of Tuesday afternoon, Keeney remained in the Putnam County Jail.

An information and probable cause affidavit was filed last Thursday in Putnam County Superior Court, and a bench warrant for Keeney was issued the following day.

An investigation into a possible case of child molestation by Keeney began on Oct. 8, court records said. A witness contacted police and said she believed Keeney may have sexually molested a young boy.

The witness told police the boy had told her Keeney "had touched and pinched his rear end." The child later relayed to the witness stories of other instances in which Keeney had touched him inappropriately, court records said.

When Keeney was interviewed by police, he said he "is into females, not males," court records said.

When asked if he would consent to a police search of his computer, Keeney told police he had "looked at nude pictures and child pictures," and that he was "attracted to children coming into pre-pubescent age," court documents said.

During the search, police located "hundreds of pornographic images," court records said. Many of the images appeared to be female children under the age of 16.

"Lonnie Keeney advised that he looks at the images for kind of a release," court records said.

Keeney told police he had been to therapy, but was still compelled to look at pornographic images.

Police seized the computer and took it to the Putnamville State Police Post to be searched further.

Keeney has hired Greencastle attorney Jeffrey Boggess.

Keeney was charged in May 2002 with one count of Class A felony child molesting and one count of Class C felony child molesting.

On Dec. 5, 2002, Keeney was convicted on the Class C count. Judge Matthew Headley sentenced Keeney to six years at the Indiana Department of Correction with one year executed and credit for 35 days.

According to information on the Indiana Department of Correction website, Keeney was released from prison on May 1, 2003. He is a registered offender on the Indiana Sex and Violent Offender Registry.

In 2006, the court granted a request that allowed Keeney to have visitations with his grandson, provided the visits were supervised by Keeney's wife or daughter. He received permission in 2008 to have supervised visitations with another grandson.

Keeney completed his probation on May 29, 2008.

Long has filed a notice of intent to seek repeat sexual offender status for Keeney.

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  • I read the case against him from the first arrest at the courthouse. It is no surprise to me that he did this again. Lock him up and throw away the key.

    -- Posted by CdaleResident on Wed, Nov 10, 2010, at 3:36 AM
  • Why did this sicko only serve 1 yr in prison when he was convicted in the past?? I don't get this!! These people ruin a child's life. They take something from them that can never be given back. These children spend the rest of their life dealing with this memory and spending sometimes thousands of dollars on therapy..etc. And the criminal gets a year a in jail?? No wonder we see more and more criminals surfacing everyday. In the end...the criminal gets less punishment than the victim!

    This man was convicted of child molestation previously and gets arressted again for child pornography..well why wouldn't we let him out of jail with a measly $2500?

    WAKE UP JUDGE!! When you let child molesters out, they will do it again as soon as they feel comfortable no one is watching!! How many times do they have to prove this to you? We read about it every single day!!! Isn't it your job to keep our children safe???!!! DO YOUR's what WE pay you for!! And it would be a cold day in hell before I would allow my child to spend time with this man, supervised or not. Why would you force a mother to bring her child into the same room as a convicted child molester?? Grandfather or not?

    I am surprised Mr. Boggess would even defend such a person!

    -- Posted by putnammom on Wed, Nov 10, 2010, at 7:08 AM
  • Put him in a cage with the other animals and he may get satisfaction with older men. But, don't leave him out.

    -- Posted by bearcat on Wed, Nov 10, 2010, at 8:32 AM
  • Why would Headley make it easier for him to get out? Another great decision that protects the public.

    -- Posted by justasking on Wed, Nov 10, 2010, at 9:27 AM
  • I have known Lonnie since I was young and I hate to hear that he has done this.

    -- Posted by daniel89 on Wed, Nov 10, 2010, at 9:41 AM
  • you mean that he has done this AGAIN. he was not restricted away from children the 1st time- he broke his probation every day- hopefully this time he is kept locked up or at least watched more closely.

    -- Posted by talkymom3 on Wed, Nov 10, 2010, at 9:44 AM
  • Whats it gonna take to get this sick person some help or put him away out of childrens reach! I'm originally from Greencastle but don't live there anymore but I read the Banner Graphic on a daily basis. I hate to hear this sort of thing goes on where I grew up or anywhere else for that matter. The court system needs to get it together in Putnam County or this will continue on and on.

    -- Posted by gizmoguy on Wed, Nov 10, 2010, at 10:14 AM

    -- Posted by Michele1953 on Wed, Nov 10, 2010, at 11:58 AM
  • No where in this story does it say the mother was forced to take her child to see his grandfather and how was he breaking probation everyday if he got court permission to see his grandchildren?

    -- Posted by Lilmizattitude on Wed, Nov 10, 2010, at 3:37 PM
  • Lilmizattitude..Maybe I'm wrong..and if so, I appologize for that statement. But if this man had to go to court to "request permission" to see his grandchild, then I assumed it is because the parents were not willing to allow him to. And if they took the child there willingly, then that is a whole other can of worms, that I probly shouldn't comment on.

    -- Posted by putnammom on Wed, Nov 10, 2010, at 4:16 PM
  • BG needs to check their facts before they publish the rush to print this article, they misprinted something...why does the Scanner say one thing and the article reads differently? I have lost a lot of respect for this publication over the years simply because they can't get their ducks in a row when it comes to facts and correct information. Let he who has commit no sin cast the first stone.

    -- Posted by justducky on Wed, Nov 10, 2010, at 4:21 PM
  • I think Banner Graphic needs to be aware that children actually do read the paper. This, and other recent articles go into far too much graphic detail that is not necessary in reporting the news. I find it disheartening that our formerly wholesome local paper has stooped to publishing X rated articles. I thought it was a safe, educational read for my children, and am very disappointed that I can no longer let them see it.

    -- Posted by fulltimemom on Wed, Nov 10, 2010, at 5:08 PM
  • Sad. I was familiar with Lonnie, he has a good heart, I had hoped he was over this. I knew him after his charges, and didn't know what they were. He really did try to get help tho, through therapy and prayer. I in no way whatsoever support what he's done, it's just sad from what I knew he had tried to overcome this. Apparently he hasn't. He has potential to be a great person, and hopefully his time in jail will help this time.

    -- Posted by Mercidos on Wed, Nov 10, 2010, at 5:24 PM
  • Umad are you a stalker or something??? Why don't you worry bout yourself before you worry about someone else and all the kids at his house know the facts before you post comments about something you have no idea bout

    -- Posted by Lilmizattitude on Wed, Nov 10, 2010, at 6:32 PM
  • And I'm sure everybody on here posting comments are perfect they have done no wrong

    -- Posted by Lilmizattitude on Wed, Nov 10, 2010, at 6:34 PM
  • Well I will say this, I'm not perfect but at least I am not out molesting children.

    -- Posted by CdaleResident on Wed, Nov 10, 2010, at 6:39 PM
  • Lilmizattitude... Yesterday, I sped down Jackson St and today I'm not sure if I braked all the way at an intersection, so I will now admit: I am not perfect and in fact broke the law twice in 2 days. May I now state that Mr Keeney should not be alive and preying on our children? I am disgusted everytime I read a newspaper or watch the news, these people that harm children in any way should be taken away from society the first time... forever.

    -- Posted by WTFRUthinkin on Wed, Nov 10, 2010, at 11:50 PM
  • I have known Lonnie for several years. He admitted what he did and paid for it as our system required. As a friend I saw him pay for it every day unlike others who never reformed and never will. He plays music for the incarcerated every weekend and to the best of my knowledge continues to go to church every weekend. I don't believe he used to do either before. What you may not know is that Lonnie had been talking of going to an attorney to file harassment charges against this so-called "WITNESS" He just didn't do it in time. This "WITNESS" also judged him because of his past and has now empowered herself to tear apart his future. In my heart I in no way believe he touched anyone inappropriately. I don't know what pictures he has or what he saw in them but I don't in any way believe he would have ever taken whatever desire into the real world. I believe that they helped prevent that from happening ever again. Maybe we should concentrate more on shutting these sites down???

    Just a thought. Many of you have already judged him because of what he did before, because you have heard of so many new and second time offenders. Is it really possible for him to get a fair trial?

    We all have a dark side, it's how we deal with it or cope that makes the difference. So someone accused him and it happened once before so it must be true right? Or you saw it on the TV or read it in the paper. I wasn't there, I don't know the truth, but I know the man and what I believe.


    -- Posted by Nobodys_Judge on Thu, Nov 11, 2010, at 12:41 AM
  • Brilliant comment Nobodys_Judge.

    -- Posted by Mercidos on Thu, Nov 11, 2010, at 5:28 AM
  • A M E N to this and we should apply the same comments on the other poor other woman as well. I want to personally reach out to the editors, manager and publisher of the BG and ask that they remove the feature to leave comments from their website, if you want to comment, blog about it on FB or your personal sites. I see no reason for this harsh feature on this website.

    -- Posted by justducky on Thu, Nov 11, 2010, at 7:53 AM
  • some of you are saying things about God..well i knew him before he was caught the first time. First he admitts he is sick. He can sit in church every sunday or when the doors are open but that doesnt mean that is he a believer or follower. he has fooled all u guys that hopes he gets help, and u know he has tried to get help. well, being a child of god would have healed that! dont be fooled! this man is no different than any other child molester. he needs to be away from society.forever!

    -- Posted by nputmom on Thu, Nov 11, 2010, at 8:10 AM
  • these are OUR children in danger...why would anyone think this option to state how we feel bad!

    hes has been aloud to hurt children and we cant state how we as society feel about it. freedom of speech people! u want to stand up for him! go find his wife...u must not have children. u dont like what we say about him then get off the comments and dont read it

    -- Posted by nputmom on Thu, Nov 11, 2010, at 8:18 AM
  • since you don't "judge" people..would you let your child spend the night at his home..unsupervised? Since your heart tells you he would never act on his desires. Everyone judges at some point. And he did NOT pay for it as our system requires. Our system requires that you do not look at child porn. And he is not reformed or the the police wouldn't have found hundreds of images of child porn his home. That and the fact that a little boy said this man touched him inappropriately is enough for me to make my own judgement.

    My father was a child molester. Went to church every single Sunday. Read the Bible and even taught us to avoid sexual predators. Played ball with us, took us to the park, bought us vidoes..etc. World's greatest dad in the flesh. Everyone thought so. My own grandmother called me a liar to my face when I finally came forward at 14 years old. Do you know why he did those things? To put off that "good guy" image to people, so no one would ever suspect that behind closed doors when no one was looking, that he was molesting children. So don't feed me that just bc someone goes to church or plays music for the jail birds, that they have to be a good person.

    -- Posted by putnammom on Thu, Nov 11, 2010, at 9:02 AM
  • I am his son, and the father of his grandchildren. Get a life you sicko. Get over it and let him get on with his life. You may not read your Bible, but Jesus was a friend to all types. Tax collectors, harlots, theives, and even a religious zealot. I can tell you personally this very same man took all 3 of his children to church every sunday, this very same man had a desire to raise children that honored God, and this very same man was a provider to his wife and his children. But this same allowed sin to work in his life, he payed for the consequences of his sin, and then he was accused again, investigated and the investigation showed no evidence against him hurting another child. You may or may not understand much about what it means to be a christian, but a big part of that is forgiveness. You all want to find him guilty without knowing all the facts or even caring to check the BG. (which can't even get its facts straight, do you need evidence of this, check yesterday's 3 changes to the softball coach story.) You don't even know me, but if you want to come and talk to me, I will be happy and honored to share with you why I feel my God is a god of forgiveness, how he has changed my life and why I believe what I do.

    -- Posted by justducky on Thu, Nov 11, 2010, at 9:43 AM
  • He still molested a child and had pornographic images of children on his computer. I knew him as an acquaintance and as the mother of a 3 year old, he makes me sick. How can you go into the jail every weekend preaching the word of God and at the same time looking at naked pictures of children? It's not right either way you look at it.

    -- Posted by ruserious27 on Thu, Nov 11, 2010, at 3:40 PM
  • God is full of forgivness...i agree...but u have to be truly sorry for the sin.....i know its natural to love ur father but he is sick and not of god! im glad he took u to church so u would know god but he doesnot....the bible says no luke warm....u cant be good and bad! u have to be good....everyone is a sinner but im sorry ur father is a sicko..pray for him as i will, but please dont take your children around him..they dont have a choice, so please make the safest choice for them. even if they havent touched them he could be lookin at the funny...the thought of him thinking of them while he was looking at porn should be enough to stay away... god wants u to be of love, thatnot saying u have to be around that person...its his problem not yours...

    -- Posted by nputmom on Thu, Nov 11, 2010, at 5:06 PM
  • The point most of you seem to be CHOOSING to ignore is that he has been accused this time. He has not been found guilty of anything other than having pictures on his computer. You all have already found him guilty already without a trial or knowing any facts, all based on the past. Even the deputy prosecutor. "Long has filed a notice of intent to seek repeat sexual offender status" Isn't that a little premature? Do you really believe anybody really cares what pictures any man has on his computer? If that were the case we wouldn't have enough jail space. What we DO care about is any man that takes the fantasy into reality. That has NOT been proven here.

    Say for instance a man was convicted of molesting a child and he didn't do it. He was sentenced to 5 years and served every bit of it and released. Then his ex-wife's sister's cousin who stayed at a Holiday Inn Express one time got mad because he didn't buy her a carton of cigarettes knew of his past and accused him of molesting her child. That would put us right back where we are now. You all would still have already condemned this man with no proof based solely on his past. The court systems always have the burden of proof. That is the judicial system with all of it's flaws. Now with everyone's mindset the way it is, including the deputy prosecutor,(looks good to the public though right?) how could this man possibly get a fair trial and be judged by his peers? So are we also saying that the new rule for any crime is 1 strike and you're out and that you're never entitled to a fair trial again?

    To putnammom: No, just because someone goes to church doesn't say a lot about the person. There are many many Sunday only Christians. A person's actions and service to others define them. That was the point I was trying to make. Playing music for the "jailbirds" is one example of many, many of his service to others that he did not have to do. Lonnie helped me with things in the past and wouldn't accept payment before I ever knew of his past. That is the man I know. And just because someone accuses you or prejudges you (PREJUDICE) that doesn't make it true. Would any of you here like these same prejudgements applied to you or someone you care about without a basis in truth? What we are seeing here is mob mentality.

    -- Posted by Nobodys_Judge on Thu, Nov 11, 2010, at 10:36 PM
  • I used to attend church with this man, and personally I am disgusted! He was charged for this once before in the past. God is all about forgiveness, but this man doesn't seem to be willing to change. That just completely appalls me that people TRUSTED him to be around their children! It is seriously disgusting. When we attended Fillmore Christian Church there, my brother was probably only 11 or 12. The thought of it makes me CRINGE.

    -- Posted by grossedout! on Thu, Nov 11, 2010, at 10:36 PM
  • Nobodys_Judge..Why do you keep saying he is being prejudged? THE POLICE FOUND CHILD PORNOGRAPHY ON HIS COMPUTER!! He admitted to looking at it for "release". That isn't exactly "prejudice".

    "During the search, police located "hundreds of pornographic images,Many of the images appeared to be female children under the age of 16.""

    I for one DO care if someone is looking at pictures of naked children or children doing things sexual in nature on their computer. I can't believe you are on here defending the fact that this man is looking at child porn. You are basically saying it's okay for people to look at children forced into pornography, as long as they don't molest any children. That is sick!! If he were "reformed" or "healed" he wouldn't be looking at pictures of children naked..period!!

    -- Posted by putnammom on Fri, Nov 12, 2010, at 7:37 AM