Letter to the Editor

Speak out: School administrators should not be allowed to hire relatives

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

So you think you want merit schools?

You'd better read further.

I have taught for many years in Putnam County, and I do not have a problem with merit pay or doing away with tenure contracts.

I do have a problem with school board members, principals and superintendents hiring their wives, sons, daughters and other relatives to teach in any building drive a bus or work in the kitchen. I feel they could not be objective when evaluating an employee's work.

Teachers who work under their relatives refuse to pay dues to any teacher's organizations. This is quite a sum of money. If it weren't for the younger teachers paying their fair share, we would never have a contract.

Surely it is a conflict of interest for this to go on. Our county should get this sneaky little habit stopped.