Letter to the Editor

Cougar coach thankful for community support

Friday, December 3, 2010

To the Editor:

This is one of those times when my need to express gratitude is so over-powering that it seems the only words available are "Thank you!"

The North Putnam (NP) Football Cougars have taken great pride in setting a record 14-game winning season. This mark of excellence was capped by our appearance in Lucas Oil Stadium competing for the 2A Indiana State Title.

The Friday night lights of the 2010 season are now dark. In the afterglow, it's time to thank the many people who helped make this year so very special.

1. The Administration: Support from the administration and faculty is clear, and it establishes a valuable underpinning for our program. Our administrators speak of "the great tradition of excellence in education at North Putnam," and they lead the way by putting these words into action every day.

2. The NP Community and Putnam County: The community gave great support the entire regular season and into the playoffs. As we progressed through the sectionals, regionals and the semi-state, we realized a groundswell of support from folks throughout all of Putnam County. Someone has speculated that ours was the largest block of fans at Lucas Oil Stadium, perhaps as many as eight to 10 thousand !

3. The Cheerleaders: Each game was marked by electrifying support and excitement aimed at helping our players perform at their best. All of this was spearheaded by our energetic, spirited, and athletically-gifted cheer squad. They never faltered as they provided constant motivation.

4. The Senior Class: The 11 seniors led the way with their hard work and determination. They provided both leadership and a model for future team leaders. Their countless hours in the weight room, their grinding attitude on the practice field, and their work in the classroom and the community established the momentum that became a driving force for passion and for excellence.

5. The Underclassmen: They have a great future! Our underclassmen starters inherit the role of next year's leaders. The supporting cast gained valuable junior varsity experience. Additionally, whenever called upon, they stepped up to fill in and to back-up the varsity players.

6. Coaching Staff: The enormous amount of time volunteered by our staff is incredible. Our assistant coaches are dedicated, passionate, and committed both to the team's success and to the continuing development of our students in class. Our coaches are the best; their work ethic and dedication are appreciated.

7. The Parents: The success that we've enjoyed this season cannot happen unless the parents are "in" 100 percent. If it's possible for parents to be farther in than "all in," our parents are there. From the first session of the summer program to the final snap at Lucas Oil, our parents have been spectacular. They get players to and from practice; they feed us, pre-game, throughout the year. They make signs, enroll and encourage community support, and take active roles in various fund raising events. They even paint Cougar Paw Prints! Parents, your support throughout the year has been "off the charts." This is a special thank to all of you from the coaches and the players.


Greg Barrett

Head Coach

North Putnam Cougar Football