County accepts loan for two trucks

Monday, December 20, 2010

GREENCASTLE -- The Putnam County Commissioners approved the financing for two new Putnam County Highway Department trucks at Monday's meeting.

The council accepted the terms offered by First National Bank for a loan of $271,983. The loan will be paid over five annual payments of $57,349.83 with an interest rate of 2.47 percent fixed.

The financing will purchase two tandem trucks, both equipped for plows, as well as a sander for one. The department already has the plows for both trucks as well as the sander for one.

Old National was also in the running, but its 3.99 percent rate put the payments at $61,077.59 annually.

"I'd like to thank you very much for the opportunity," First National representative Nancy Michael said. "If there are any questions you have, let me know."

The council also accepted the 2011 bids for county highway vendors. All submitted bids were accepted for signs; gravel, stone and sand; drainage pipes and culverts, labor and equipment rental, bridge packages, calcium chloride, striping paint beads and road oil. Accepting all bids leaves the department able to choose for any individual prospects.

For fuel and oil supplies, the council accepted highway co-supervisor Jim Smith's recommendation that they continue with Co-Alliance. All county departments fill their tanks at the highway garage, and they have done well with the fuel in the past.

"Since there are so many departments that fill up out there, we've never had any problems with that one company," Smith said.

The commissioners also gave their approval for a couple of grant proposals for water projects in unincorporated areas of the county.

Jill Curry of the Office of Community and Rural Affairs and Kristy Jerrell of West Central Indiana Economic Development spoke to the board about projects for the Reelsville Water Authority as well as a water study for the Belle Union area.

The grant for Reelsville would allow for needed upgrades to the existing water system. The grant would be in excess of $600,000, with the local entity needing to match 10 percent.

The county would not be responsible for the money or for the project. However, the applicant must be a local unit of government, and the area has no incorporated municipality.

Additionally, a study to see if water service is viable in the Belle Union area will also be up for a grant. Again, the area is not incorporated, so the county must be the lead agency in the application process.

The commissioners approved being a part of both grant applications.

The board also approved a proposal from Maverick Insurance to review the county's insurance policies. Culpepper Cooper of Maverick said by exploring the policies, the company hopes to offer the county less expensive alternatives. However, if what the county has is good, he said he would also report that.

"We want to see what we can help you with," Cooper said. "If everything's good, we'll say that."

The commissioners approved the move unanimously.

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