Greencastle bands compete at solo and ensemble

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

TERRE HAUTE -- On Jan. 29, members of the Greencastle High School and Middle School bands participated in the ISSMA Solo & Ensemble Contest held at Terre Haute North High School. Each solo and ensemble prepared a selection to be perform before a highly qualified judge.

The results are as follows:

GROUP V, Gold Medal; Samantha Haynes, clarinet solo; Naomi Farkass, clarinet solo; Gabby Selvia, clarinet solo; Katie Parsons, trumpet solo; Kelly Hansen, baritone solo; Woodwind trio of Kendra Sutherlin, Katie Anderson, Brayden White; Brass trio of Katie Parsons, Braden Pershing, Kelly Hansen; Percussion trio of Abby Walker, Libby Brush, Madeline Hayes; Silver Medal; Morgan Newnam, clarinet solo; Yugi Mozawa, baritone solo.

GROUP IV, Gold Medal; Rebecca Moore, flute solo; Dominique Lafontant, clarinet solo; Zach Wilkerson, alto sax solo; Lily Spencer, trumpet solo; Taylor Secrest, trombone solo; Clarinet trio, Alison White, Jessica Robert, Corrie Romer; Sax trio, Zach Wilkerson, Eyl Bordt, Cade Bailey; Woodwind quartet, Rebecca Moore, Nicolette Peters, Dominque Lafontant, Abby Harms; Percussion trio, Eli Secrest, Payton Williams, Levi Lewis; Silver Medal; Brayden Watson, alto sax solo; Brass trio, Beth Ann Hansen, Taylor Secrest, Lily Spencer.

GROUP III, Gold Medal; Ichiro Mozawa, alto sax solo; Elijah Brattain, alto sax solo; Beth Ann Hansen, trombone solo; Elizabeth Johnson, flute solo; Brooke Thurston, alto sax solo; Elliot Dunbar, trumpet solo; Hannah Gellman, horn solo; Percussion ense. Nathan Secrest, Paul Bryan, Ben Wilson; Percussion ense. Raymond Stinson, Alec Davis, Nathan Gardner, Danielle Thomas; Woodwind trio, Kaila Thurston, Brooke Thurston, Kaitlynne Mason; Woodwind trio, Abby Patterson, Cassidy Crawford, Mackenzie Wilson; Silver Medal; Brass trio, A.J. Gerard, Alex Asbell, Janelle Mason; Joe Kaiser, horn solo.

GROUP II, Gold Medal: Kaila Thurston, clarinet solo; Ethan Gill, xylophone solo; Horn quartet, Katie Hedge, Joe Kaiser, Hannah Gellman, Melody White; Percussion ense. Seth Miller, Skyanne White, Katie Steele-Kannowski; Silver Medal; Matt White, baritone sax solo.

GROUP I, Gold Medal; Emily Gill, clarinet solo; Silver Medal; Katie Hedge, horn solo.

The Greencastle Bands are directed by Robert Hedge and Kathryn Dory.

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