Night of Chocolate: For ladies only

Monday, February 14, 2011

GREENCASTLE -- This Friday, the Putnam County Museum will host a ladies-only chocolate night, put on together with the Greencastle Parks and Recreation Department.

Troy Scott, the assistant director of the department said the idea for this event came because of a combination of Valentine's Day and another less-known event.

"I've got a calendar that identifies a lot of holidays that people have never heard of like Talk like a Pirate Day. It told me that February was Chocolate Lover's month. Of course, Valentine's Day is in February. Tanis (Monday, the museum's director) and I decided that we should do something for the ladies."

The event is an example of two different groups or agencies working together in Greencastle, something Scott said his department tries to do.

"When (the Parks and Recreation Department) approached me about wanting to do a chocolate thing, well, I love chocolate," Monday said. "We thought right around Valentine's Day and with February being a pretty drab month, people want to get out and do something, and it would just be a nice time for everyone to get together."

Scott said he hopes men in a relationship use this event as a potential Valentine's Day gift, possibly a last minute one.

"Husbands or boyfriends can say 'Hey, I want to buy you a night to go out with the girls and enjoy yourself,'" Scott said.

The event's treats will be provided by Treasures on the Square.

"They're going to bring all of the chocolate, a chocolate fountain, stuff to dip in it and some other goodies," Scott said.

As well as the treats, the event will have some facts on chocolate.

"Basically, we're going to talk about the history. In the Mayan and Aztec days chocolate was used as a currency. It started being used as a very bitter chocolatey drink mixed with some liquids," Scott said.

"Then little by little they discovered some other uses for chocolate -- how to add things to it to not make it bitter and it became the multi-billion dollar industry it is now," he said.

The event will be this Friday from 6 to 8 p.m. The cost is $20, with any profit after paying for the event itself being split equally between the Parks and Recreation Department and the museum. Seating is limited and registration is required. Contact Troy Scott at 653-3395 or at to register.

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