Bainbridge welcomes spring with "A Bug's Life"

Thursday, March 10, 2011

BAINBRIDGE -- The Bainbridge Town Council talked about the upcoming family movie night during their monthly meeting Wednesday night.

This coming Saturday, the Parks and Recreation department will hold a movie night at the community center at 6:30 p.m. The movie selected will be Pixar's 1998 film "A Bug's Life" and all are welcome to attend.

The council also discussed having to move the current location of the recycling bins. The bins currently sit at the east side of town, but it is difficult for trucks to maneuver and collect waste from the bins.

The council discussed different locations for the bins, including at the recently finished Oakland Property Building, but no conclusion was reached at the meeting.

Jim Nelson, utilities manager, also discussed how the city was going to go about fixing the numerous problems with roads in Bainbridge.

Though the town has not received a response from Rockies Express about previous damages done to Washington Street, wear and tear have significantly damaged many roads in the town, and recent water damage from the past winter has made matters worse.

Utilites has patched some of the holes, but they are only a temporary fix to a permanent problem, Nelson said.

"We've got to start doing something," Nelson said. "The more the bad stuff goes the more it eats away underneath."

Town council members decided to look at a road map of the town and then decide which roads need to be repaired the most. The entire process will no doubt be very expensive, said Richard Cope, board president, but some roads may be able to get away with simple repairs.

Nelson also mentioned that the new sewer system was installed and would become active on March 21.

During the first day the system is active, Nelson will test the water frequently and make sure chlorine is not going into the creek.

Jason Hartman, town treasurer, also said the city will submit its application for a storm water grant on Friday. The city will not find out if they have qualified for the grant until the first week of May.

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