Clovers win match with Eagles, Bruins Monday

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

CLOVERDALE -- It just doesn't look quite like golf season yet.

Umbrellas were as common as putters amongst those playing at Clover Meadows Monday night, with a seemingly never-ending supply of rain and wind, along with frigid temperatures, again hampering golfers.

The home course advantage paid dividends for Cloverdale's boys' golf squad, as they navigated the terrain and conditions to shoot 182 and beat both South Putnam and Tri-West, who scored 198 and 202 respectively.

The match, originally to be contested at South Putnam's home course of Oak Ridge, had to be moved as the course was unplayable due to continuous rain.

This change was a boost to the Clovers, who were led by Chris Arnold's 42 and Gary William's 44. Sam Jordan and Zach Hall carded 48's to round out Cloverdale's round.

Cloverdale head coach Doug Wokoun was pleased with his squad's effort in miserable conditions.

"Well, given the weather, I thought everyone did a great job. It was very rough, and it got really bad around the third hole. I don't think anyone anticipated the weather being as bad as it was," Wokoun said.

"We're very happy to have done what we did. We improved some over last week but we've got a ways to go."

Unable to host the meet, South Putnam struggled on their way to their highest shot total of the season. Alex Eickhoff and Derek Chestnut paced the Eagles with 49 apiece, while Alex Kelly and Dean Varvel both shot 50.

It was, as South Putnam head coach Brian McClure said, not a great day for his squad.

"It's pretty bad. The worst we've shot all year, hopefully the worst we will shoot this year. You can't fault them too much because these aren't really golf condition," McClure said.

"Clubs are wet, grips are wet. It's hard to play out there. We all played in the same conditions out there and we just didn't play as we should have, but we'll turn it around and shoot better next time."

With the Putnam County match at Clover Meadows next week, it did give the Eagles a look at the course ahead of time, something that will factor into McClure's preparations for the next week.

"We're still trying to improve for our big matches next week, the county and conference matches. We've still got a lot of work to do, so we're going to get back at it and try to improve for those matches," McClure said.

For Cloverdale, another round at home awaits midweek, hopefully in more favorable conditions.

"We're hoping Wednesday will be better. North Putnam is going to come Wednesday and I'm hoping that the course will drain and dry a little bit. It's been tough to play," Wokoun said.

"This was supposed to be at Oak Ridge and they weren't able to host. Golf courses are really suffering because of what's going on."

With the weather being a wild card, Wokoun noted that by now, everyone has been playing in the rain and would be ready for anything that happens next week.

"I think it'll help us and it will help South Putnam too. They're a much better team than they played today. I know they're disappointed and they'll come back next week loaded up," Wokoun said.

"Greencastle played with us over at Plainfield Thursday in conditions almost as bad as this. Everybody's playing in it, everybody's starting to get used to it and we'll continue to do the best we can."

At Clover Meadows

Cloverdale 182, South Putnam 198, Tri-West 202

Medalist -- Chris Arnold (C) 42

Cloverdale -- Arnold 42, Williams 44, Jordan 48, Hall 48, Tomlinson 54

South Putnam -- Eickhoff 49, Chestnut 49, Kelly 50, Varvel 50, Gilbert 52

Tri-West -- Gallagher 47, DeGolyer 48, Cook 52, Lambert 55, Kirby 61,