Bledsoe gets 64 years for murder

Friday, May 6, 2011

A Reelsville man was sentenced to 64 years in prison Thursday for the Jan. 13, 2010 murder of his wife.

Jeremy R. Bledsoe, 32, pleaded guilty on March 3 to the murder of his wife, Kathryne Bledsoe. On Thursday, Judge Matt Headley sentenced him to 64 years in prison for the crime.

The maximum sentence Bledsoe could have received was 65 years. He was given credit for the one year and 112 days he has already served. Headley also said there would be no credit for suspended time, but all would be executed.

"You have scarred your children for life, and you have also made them orphans," Headley told Bledsoe.

Bledsoe shot his wife on the morning of Jan. 13, 2010 with two of their children just across the hall. He admitted to killing her because she was planning to leave him.

Putnam County Prosecutor Tim Bookwalter argued a number of aggravating circumstances in the case, including that the crime was premeditated, Kathryne was in a "position of trust," it was a violation of probation and a violent crime.

Bookwalter argued the worst factor was the presence of the children and the fact that they could hear the shot when it was fired.

"To me that's the worst aggravator," Bookwalter said.

Defense attorney Sidney Tongret argued the court should take into account Bledsoe's cooperation with the investigation, confession and ultimate choice to plead guilty.

"What benefit (does Bledsoe) get out of saving the family, the taxpayers, the court from a lengthy trail and doubtless years of appeal? Nothing," Tongret said.

The defense also brought up Bledsoe's history of neurological and mental illness, including multiple schlerosis, schizophrenia, drug and alcohol abuse and antisocial behavior.

Headley said his decision rested upon the nature of the crime outweighing any other circumstances.

"I find that the aggravating circumstances clearly outweighed the mitigating circumstances," Headley said.

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