Letter to the Editor

Blue-ribbon effort for Adult Open Class during fair

Friday, August 5, 2011

To the Editor:

Once again we had a great time at our Putnam County Fair. As you know, the weather was very hot, but we all survived. Of course, the Adult Open Class exhibits are in an air-conditioned building. We are thankful for that.

We had many wonderful entries (over 800). There were several events planned throughout the week. One of our highlights was Ladies Day with over 200 attending.

Two Extension Homemaker Clubs planned and presented the day's events. They are Merry J's and Better Homes. Thank you, ladies. The theme was "A Salute to America."

The military theme was carried out with the speakers and decorations. Kim Disbro (a grandma in combat boots) told us of her tour in Afghanistan and military life as a woman. Merry J's had sent her boxes of goodies while she was there. We all loved her.

The other speaker was Matt Huber, a retired teacher and concert band director from Brazil, Ind. He told us of some directors of the past such as John Phillip Sousa and history of their performances. After the activities, we had a purse auction.

Of course, Baker's Best is another big day. The baked items are entered, open-judged, and auctioned the same day. We had 110 entries.

Jeff Rich and Darwyn Nelson help with the auctioneering. Thanks to those two, it is always fun and interesting. Our fair queens always come and participate. We appreciate their enthusiasm. Audra Millican and her daughter, Amanda, worked very hard making this day a success. Kroger sponsors the event with award money.

The Homemakers presented Jackie Baumann, our Extension educator, with a beautiful handkerchief butterfly quilt. She and her husband, Joe, spend many hours working at our county fair.

Many thanks to all those ladies from different clubs that worked on this quilt. See, women can keep a secret. It was a big surprise to Jackie.

Three final words: Thanks, thanks, thanks. This goes out to all the volunteers who help and spend many hours making our fair a success. The money we earn is to help improve the fairground facilities.

Geneva Dorris

Adult Open Class superintendent