Greencastle varsity squads sweep Tiger Cub Invite Saturday

Monday, September 26, 2011
Greencastle's Taylor Secrest races a Cascade runner at Saturday's Tiger Cub Invite.

The Putnam County Fairgrounds was the scene for Greencastle's Tiger Cub Invitational, featuring runners from nine schools, among them Greencastle's boys and girls cross country teams and the Greencastle Middle School squads and runners from Tzouanakis Intermediate School.

Greencastle's High School squads both placed first, with the boys besting second place Cascade and the girls well in front of second place Greenwood.

The middle School squads both placed second behind Greenwood, while the Tzouanakis girls bested Cloverdale in the girls elementary race. Bloomfield won the boys elementary race.

The GHS girls' cross country team won the Tiger Cub Invite Saturday. Members of the team are (from left) manager Jasmine Dwigans, Samantha Haynes, Alex Stoffregan, Megan Haynes, Colleen Weatherford, Abigail Wilson, coach Laura McMasters, Paige Pickens, head coach Garry Anderson, Kayla Cash, Emily Gill, Madison Marsteller, Cheyenne Fauvergue and manager Olivia Humphreys.

Colleen Weatherford set a new course record in the girls race, finishing first with a time of 19:13. The next four Greencastle runners came in on the odds, with Emily Gill placing third, Kayla Cash fifth, Paige Pickens seventh and Lauren Haynes ninth.

Tyler Hudson was the highest finisher for Greencastle on the boys side, finishing fourth, followed by Ryan Stevens in fifth. The Tiger Cubs took spots seven through 11th with finishes by Nathan Eubank, Elijah Brattain, Paul Bryan, Hunter Mitchell and Taylor Secrest.

Hannah Brattain was the high placer for Greencastle in the middle school race, finishing third, with Katie Haynes placing fifth, Corrie Romer in seventh, Katie Kessler in 17th and Lily Spencer in 20th to round out the scoring.

Jacob Lewis won the boys race for Greencastle Middle school with a time of 10:32. Jacob Kessler placed sixth, with Logan beck coming in eleventh, Clayton Wilson in 18th and Peyton Jones in 26th.

Seelye Stoffragen won the elementary girls race for Greencastle with a time of 12:26, followed by Emma Wilson in second place. Sydney Lewis placed fifth, with Brooke Sieg placing ninth and Kaylinn Hopins in 10th.

Dylan Martinez was the high finished for Greencastle in the elementary boys race, placing seventh, with fellow runner Tyler Hopper finishing 12th.

Cloverdale had runners compete in the middle school and elementary races Saturday. Riley Canfield placed ninth in the girls middle school race, with Clare Plamondon finishing in fifteenth and Sadie McKinney placing 26th.

Nick Blundwell was the high finisher for Cloverdale in the boys race, placing 20th, while Evan Monnett placed 23th. Josiah Mann finished sixth in the elementary boys race, with Chance Fuetz finishing tenth.

Peyton Lynns paced the Clovers in the girls elementary race with a sixth place finished, followed by Ashleigh Nepote in seventh and Kyla Gardner in eighth. Hayler Maners finished 12th, with Makenzie Westell right behind her in 13th.

At Greencastle

High School

Girls' Results

Greencastle 22, Greenwood 52, Bloomfield 70, Northview 85, Crawfordsville, Cascade, Monrovia INC

1. Weatherford (G) 19:13; 2. Rosado (GW) 21:03; 3. Gill (G) 21:26; 4. Hudson (CR) 21:49; 5. Cash (G) 21:55; 6. Weston (GW) 22:04; 7. Pickens (G) 22:15; 8. Brown (GW) 22:32; 9. Haynes (G) 22:34; 10. Buka (B) 22:24

Boys' Results

Greencastle 30, Cascade 50, Northview 76, Bloomfield 80, Crawfordsville 150, Monrovia INC

1. Musson (CA) 16:24; 2. M. Shepphard (CA) 16:46; 3. Yocum (N) 16:54; 4. Hudson (G) 16:57; 5. Stevens (G) 17:05; 6. Nowrouzi (M) 17:11; 7. Eubank (G) 17:29; 8. Brattain (G) 17:38; 9. Bryan (G) 17:40; 10. Mitchell (G) 17:59

Middle School

Girls' Results

Greenwood 26, Greencastle 47, Cascade 106, Cloverdale 112, North Putnam 122, Monrovia 134, Bloomfield INC

1. Dalton (GW) 11:00; 2. Neely (GW) 11:55; 3. Brattain (G) 12:09; 4. Weston (GW) 12:17; 5. Haynes (G) 12:27; 6. Patton (B) 12:30; 7. Romer (G) 12:46; 8. Whicker (CA) 12:50; 9. Canfield (CL) 13:01; 10. Long (B) 13:02

Boys' Results

Greenwood 31, Greencastle 47, Bloomfield 74, Cascade 107, Cloverdale 144, North Putnam 154

1. Lewis (G) 10:32; 2. Smith (GW) 10:39; 3. Frederick (B) 10:57; 4. Gilmore (B) 11:00; 5. Rosado (GW) 11:03; 6. Kessler (G) 11:04; 7. Stout (GW) 11:08; 8. Irons (GW) 11:11; 9. Johnson (GW) 11:13; 10. Vandeventer (B) 11:14


Girls' Results

Greencastle 21, Cloverdale 34, Greenwood, Bloomfield INC

1. Stoffragen (G) 12:26; 2. Wilson (G) 12:44; 3. Corbin (GW) 13:32; 4. Richardson (B) 14:25; 5. Lewis (G) 14:31; 6. Lyons (CL) 14:42; 7. Nepote (CL) 15:00; 8. Gardner (CL) 15:05; 9. Sieg (G) 15:06; 10. Hopkins (G) 15:07

Boys' Results

Bloomfield 15, Cloverdale, Greencastle, Greenwood INC

1. Payne (B) 12:20; 2. Richardson (B) 12:30; 3. Floyd (B) 14:12; 4. Shelton (B) 14:15; 5. Macintosh (B) 14:18; 6. Mann (CL) 15:07; 7. Martinez (G) 15:45; 8. Kleppe (GW) 16:10; 9. Fitch (B) 16:22; 10. Fuetz (CL) 16:47