County Commissioners seek applicants for appointments

Thursday, December 8, 2011

With nearly 38,000 residents in the county, the Putnam County Commissioners are calling upon the sense of civic duty in a few of them to serve the community.

The commissioners have 20 appointments to make to nine different local boards during December and January. The appointments will likely be made at the Monday, Dec. 19 commissioners meeting.

In hopes of finding some previously untapped source of talent, the county is soliciting the interest of county residents.

"We may find someone out there who'd like to serve and never has been asked," Commissioner Nancy Fogle said.

The positions, along with the expiration dates of the current terms, are as follows:

* Board of Health, four-year term, two positions, Dec. 31

* Emergency 911, annual appointment, four positions, Dec. 31

* Putnam County Hospital, four-year term, three positions, Dec. 31

* West Central Solid Waste Advisory Board, two-year term, Dec. 31

* Cemetery Board, three-year term, two positions, Dec. 31

* Aviation Board, four-year term, Dec. 31

* Walnut Creek Board, four-year term, two positions, Dec. 31.

* Convention and Visitor Bureau, two-year term, four positions, Jan. 1

* ABC Board, annual appointment, Jan. 18

Putnam County residents interested in any of these positions should submit a letter of interest to the Putnam County Auditor, 1 W. Washington St., Room 20, Greencastle, IN 46135.

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