Letter to the Editor

With Christmas pets comes great responsibility

Friday, December 9, 2011

To the Editor:

This Christmas, some people will be receiving puppies or kittens as gifts and by law they are considered property whereas they should be considered as part of our families, as is our children.

We don't own our children, we are their caretakers. Pets should be considered the same because only God can create life, therefore, all life is Gods property and He has given us the responsibility to be his caretakers. The buying and selling of pets does not diminish that responsibility, only changes the caretakers.

If a person has children or pets, it is his duty as caretakers to provide food, water and shelter, to not beat, abandon or abuse them and to provide medical care when necessary. If a person cannot do that, then he should not accept the responsibility.

After Christmas, some people will become less enthusiastic about their new family pet due to some undesired behavior, and some of those people will consider getting rid of their new pets.

Pets, like children, need to be trained. So if your pet is doing something you don't like, please go to www.aspcabehavior.org to learn how to correct the problem. And may you all enjoy many years of happiness together.

James Wilson

Speed, IN