PCPL working on delayed e-books release

Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Putnam County Library Board was taking care of business at its first meeting of the year on Wednesday evening. The board received updates on upcoming library events as well as the status of the e-book release.

A good portion of the meeting was focused on the delayed release of e-books. Previous meetings discussed a release date that came and went as the library ran into technical issues with the carrier, Baker & Taylor.

"We were led to believe the product was ready to go and it isn't," said library director Alice Greenburg. "They're making progress."

Greenburg updated the board saying the library is waiting on Baker & Taylor and Polaris to work out the technical issues.

"I think when it works it will be a good product," said Greenburg. "Danville is also on hold with the product."

Greenburg also stated the company has been hard to get a hold of with little attention to their problems.

"Their communication among their department's has not been good," explained Greenburg. "We would like to see more interest by the company."

The library had decided that they would not pay Baker & Taylor until they receive the product as stated in their agreement. The board also discussed the possibility of terminating its contract and possibly going with another carrier.

"The staff is just as anxious as the public to get this going," Greenburg explained. "We're very frustrated."

The board did not make a decision on exploring other options during the meeting. There is no proposed release date for the e-books at this time.

Greenburg also updated the board on the status of the Imagination Library program. She explained to the board that they are continuing with donations on a regular basis that are being received from both individuals and organizations.

"We currently have enough cash in the account for the next eight months," said Greenburg.

The library also received a grant from Parke County REMC Multi-County Trust and is planning on asking the Putnam County Community Foundation for additional funding.

The board also held a Board of Finance meeting after its regularly scheduled meeting, where it elected Wes Wilson as president of the board and Vicki Timm as the secretary of the Board of Finance.

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