Cloverdale SADD chapter sets state record in 'Quick-Click Challenge'

Thursday, April 19, 2012
Indiana SADD member Chauncey Baker administers a field sobriety test to Cloverdale student Congyi Li, who is wearing "drunk" goggles.

CLOVERDALE -- Indiana SADD (Students Against Destructive Decisions) officials visited Cloverdale High School earlier this month, presenting teen traffic safety activities focused on promoting seatbelt usage, discouraging distracted and impaired driving and encouraging responsible driving habits.

The Quick-Click Challenge, one of SADD's activities, allowed teams of four students to compete against their peers to see who could buckle up in the shortest amount of time, demonstrating how quick and simple it is to buckle up.

The fastest team of the day -- composed of Trevor Snider, Brody Pfaff, Austin Mannan and Justin Wilson -- was awarded Quick-Click Campaign T-shirts. That quartet beat the existing state record of 34.7 seconds, with a time of 34.3 seconds, allowing Cloverdale to establish an Indiana record.

For another activity, students tested the Seat Belt Convincer, a device which simulates a crash occurring at 5-7 mph.

"Most crashes are at 40 mph or faster," Indiana SADD Program Coordinator Geoff Grow said, "so this helps to put into perspective how important it is to wear a seat belt."

A third activity, the Fatal Vision Obstacle course, presented students an opportunity to actually get behind the wheel (of a golf cart) and follow a course of safety cones.

After a little driving experience, each student was handed a pair of "drunk" goggles to experience the visual impairment of someone over the legal limit. Needless to say, the students participating and watching could see the dangers of driving while impaired.

The record-setting Cloverdale High School "Quick-Click" Team of Trevor Snider, Justin Wilson, Brody Pfaff and Austin Mannan celebrates their 34.3-second achievement.

With car crashes remaining the leading cause of death among 15- to 20-year-olds, Indiana SADD has partnered with the Indiana Criminal Justice Institute (ICJI) and State Farm Insurance to offer free traffic safety programming to schools and communities throughout the state in efforts to lower teen fatalities.

Indiana SADD has visited more than 500 schools in the past 10 years with one goal in mind -- to save lives.

For more information on Cloverdale High School's SADD chapter, persons may contact Lisa Baker 795-4203.

During the event Indiana SADD Program Coordinator Geoff Grow addresses a group of Cloverdale High School students about the Seat Belt Convincer Device.
Indiana SADD Program Coordinator Geoff Grow and Cloverdale High School student Tiffany Leonard navigate the golf cart on the Fatal Vision Obstacle Course.
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