Letter to the Editor

Former United way director thanks community

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

To the Editor:

This letter is twofold in nature to the Putnam County community, in order to say thank you, while conveying a message to the community.

Initially, please allow me to convey a statement related to my leaving the executive director's position with the United Way of Putnam County, after having the wonderful opportunity of serving my community for the last four years.

After careful consideration and research in regard to such, the board of directors voted at the December 2011 board of directors' meeting to make the position of executive director a part-time, contractual position, and advertise said position. The board president appointed a Search Committee, and the position was advertised in the Banner Graphic, during the later part of January 2012.

It is my understanding that six people applied for said position, with this writer being one of those applicants. Interviews were held, and Ms. Jennifer Edwards was chosen as the new part-time, contractual executive director of the United Way of Putnam County. The board of directors requested that I stay on through March 31, 2012 in order to facilitate a smooth transition. This I agreed to do, and accomplished said mission to the best of my ability.

Although this is secondary in the chronological order of this letter, this is of primary importance to me, as it relates to my four years of service to my community. I want to say a very heartfelt thanks, and appreciation to all those folk who had a hand in providing me with the opportunity to serve my community. I am a lifelong resident (61 years) of Putnam County, but aside from a two-year stint as the original director of the Putnam County Court Substance Abuse Treatment Program, and approximately two and a half years with the local Division of Child Services, as a case manager, I have spent my professional career working outside the community. The opportunity to be able to serve my community as the executive director for that period of time was not only a pleasure, but also a blessing. The numerous projects, services and goals accomplished during that time was not only gratifying on a personal level, but also beneficial to the community as a whole.

The people I met, and partnered with in the accomplishment of all the projects and program development that went on during that time, was extremely gratifying. Our community is blessed with creative, professional and responsible leaders of all of the United Way of Putnam County's agency partners. Those folk are as fine a group of people with which to work as one could ask! Their dedication in regard to serving the populace of our community is unmatched, and our residents are better off for such. This in turn enhances and enriches the entire community, thereby, creating a stronger and better community for all! This opportunity also allowed me to meet and work with a wide cross section of all the communities, and people throughout Putnam County.

Therefore, I thank the community for the opportunity to have served in the capacity of executive director of the United Way of Putnam County for the last four years. Furthermore, good luck to Ms. Edwards in her new role as part-time, contractual executive director, and may the organization continue to thrive and maintain the ability to support all of the partner agencies within our community.

Please note, this is your United Way of Putnam County, and such will only be as strong as you want it to be!

David L. English