Letter to the Editor

Not willing to compromise

Friday, May 11, 2012

To the Editor:

In the Indianapolis Star this week there were a lot of criticisms about how Lugar was willing to compromise and give into other politicians in Washington and Mourdock will not.

To quote, "Compromise is what makes our Republic work."

This reminds me of a wife who tells her husband that she has to increase their son's weekly allowance as he does not have enough money to buy his lunch at school.

The father says to his wife, I see he has enough money to buy bubble gum, I see empty wrappers lying around the house. I see he is buying cigarettes from someone as I see his butts around the house in ashtrays and on the floor of the garage.

He tells his wife, we have house payments to make, a payment on the loan we have on our new car, still paying on the credit card for the vacation we took.

She says, can't we at least increase his allowance? Husband says, "take it out of your trips to the hair dresser!"

She replies, "You just want to be a "mean old man!"

It is about time we elect officials who can control the spending. The financial well is running dry!

When they are spending someone else's money there is no reason to limit their expenditures!

Richard Taylor