Letter to the Editor

National Nursing Home Week time to thank Hickory Creek

Friday, May 18, 2012

To the Editor:

I would like to thank the staff at Hickory Creek at Sunset for all the wonderful events they have for their residents.

Each day this week, May 13-18, they have organized a different theme. A Mother's Day tea. Boston Tea Party/Colonial Day. Western Day. Roaring '20s. Into the Future. Staff Appreciation Day.

It is difficult for anyone to be away from home, but the staff at Hickory Creek, from the administrator, activities director, RNs, CNAs, housekeeping and kitchen staff do everything they can to make Hickory Creek a "home away from home" for our loved ones.

Granted this is a special week, but most people do not realize how the staff at this facility goes out of their way every day to have activities that make the days happier for the residents.

Thank you, Hickory Creek, for all you do.

Susie Bates


(Daughter of

Florence Sillery, who also says thank you.)