Letter to the Editor

Staying together regardless of political differences

Friday, May 25, 2012

To the editor:

For the past two years, I've been attending monthly meetings of the Greencastle Defenders of Liberty, the local Tea Party organization. I am generally of a different political persuasion, but I am also pro-life in the broadest sense and fear that the deficit, along with climate change, is among the worst legacies that my generation will leave to our children. Thus, I enjoy both my differences and similarities with speakers and members at the meetings.

I was disappointed, however, when the speaker at the most recent meeting sought to demonize those who disagree with her. Supporters of President Obama were characterized as "fascist, socialist, Marxist pigs." IRS agents were likened to Nazi "brown shirts."

Dire predictions were made that Obama would attempt to take the election by force. Attendees were exhorted to stockpile food and batteries.

Such nonsense! The election in November will involve the same peaceful transfer of power as every other American election. I suspect that the Tea Party's preferred candidate will win this election just as mine won last time. That is the nature -- and the beauty -- of the system.

The speaker claimed that she was "tired of being bullied by the government and the Black Panthers." Since I've not noticed any threatening Black Panthers in the quarter of a century I've lived in Greencastle, I'm betting that she doesn't come from here.

Nor does she seem to appreciate our community's longstanding tradition of neighbors caring about one another -- cheering for our school teams, eating pancakes together at the fire station, gathering for our annual July 4th celebration, pitching in when neighbors are in need -- regardless of any political or religious differences we may have. I hope we stay that way.

Kelsey Kauffman