Fair Contestant -- Karly Bumgardner

Friday, July 13, 2012

Karly Bumgardner is the 20-year-old daughter Roy and Dana Bumgardner of Greencastle. She has one sister, Kayla Bumgardner-McDermit.

The 2011 Greencastle High School graduate is now a sophomore a Vincennes University, studying to become a paramedic.

While at GHS, she was a football manager, baseball statistician, one-year basketball participant, two-year bowling club participant, a student council member for two years and a member of the Area 30 student council.

Bumgardner has also been a 10-year 4-H member, three years as a junior leader, 15 years in the Putnam County Girls' Softball League and four years in Girl Scouts.

At Vincennes she plays in the co-ed intramural softball league.

After graduation from Vincennes, Bumgardner plans to begin her medic career in Putnam County. She then hopes to move to a bigger city to work at a busier hospital or ambulance service.

"And along the way I hope to meet my future husband," she said.

Bumgardner entered the contest because while growing up in 4-H, she always looked up to past fair queens. She describes it as the dream of every little girl in 4-H to one day become Miss Putnam County.

"I want to represent those little girls that I used to be like -- to be that Miss Putnam County that I used to look up to," Bumgardner said. "Also, as a past 10-year 4-H member I want to represent all of the past, present and future 4-H'ers and also my county, Putnam County."

Bumgardner describes herself as a passionate, dedicated and down-to-earth person who loves to have fun. She says she wears her heart on her sleeve, loves easily and sees the best in people. She is also a huge animal lover who would bring home every stray if she could.

Her hobbies include cooking, baking, dancing, deer hunting and fishing with her dad, painting, ceramics, softball and camping.

"If I could give advice to a younger person I would tell them that self happiness is true happiness," Bumgardner said. "You cannot make others happy if you are not happy with your own self. Worry about what makes you happy and then worry about others."

She describes playing on the eighth grade boys' football team as an event that has had great impact on her life. She said she knew it was her only chance to play her favorite sport, so she kept playing no matter how much she got made fun of, talked about and pushed around.

The experience proved to her the value of hard work and effort and her ability to accomplish anything.

Karly said she most admires her parents for putting up with her for the last 20 years and molding her into the young lady she is today. She said she hopes to one day have a marriage like theirs.