Letter to the Editor

Neglect of elderly an injustice

Friday, August 10, 2012

To the Editor:

I would like to make readers aware of an injustice that is being perpetrated against the elderly through Obamacare.

I was told this June by a high school classmate that she has beginning kidney failure and was told by the doctor that he could not treat her because she is past 75 years of age.

She was told by the doctor that not only could he not treat her under insurance but she could not pay him privately to treat her because of "government guidelines."

Does that mean that we old folks are supposed to just curl up and die when we reach 75 years of age?

I know many people our ages who lead active lives: gardening, fishing, dancing, swimming, playing pool and cards. We maintain our own households, cook our own meals, and care for ourselves.

What's to become of us? Doesn't anybody care anymore? Whatever happened to respect your elders?

I'd like to see action taken to see that this injustice is turned around.

If Obamacare is to rule our lives, let's amend it to care for individuals as per need, not as per what the government thinks we need.

The only way I know to change Obamacare is to amend it or repeal it. Voting your conscience is the way to make changes. GET OUT AND VOTE!

Donna Mae Miles