Cornerstone Baptist Church teens involved in Project One

Saturday, August 25, 2012

More than 20 students at Cornerstone Baptist Church recently participated in a fundraiser event called Project One. At Project One, the students were exposed to the truth about human trafficking and what they could do to stop it.

They learned about Tiny Hands International, an organization that helps to cease trafficking, and how Tiny Hands works to rescue young children from a life of slavery and abuse.

All proceeds went toward rescuing children in Nepal by sponsoring a border monitoring station. At these stations, children are intercepted before they are sold into brothels or to pimps.

The cost to sponsor a border monitoring station is about $6,000 a year and it is Cornerstone Baptist Church's goal to raise the funds for a border monitoring station.

The students of Cornerstone were able to raise more than half of this amount through Project One.

To get involved with Tiny Hands International and to learn more about human trafficking, visit

For more information about Cornerstone Baptist Church, visit

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