Russellville focuses attention on water

Thursday, September 20, 2012

RUSSELLVILLE -- At the monthly council meeting on Monday the Russellville Town Council discussed the three phases of water -- gas, liquid and cash.

With one of two heating boilers in the community center disconnected, officials are relying on the newer, recently repaired boiler to get them through the winter.

Repairing a leak in the damaged boiler would cost more than $15,000, which is not available in the town or community center budget.

The council discussed the possibility of getting a funding grant to help pay for the boiler, which would have to be given directly to the community center.

Council president Don Reddish promised to provide community center officials with a list of names and addresses for grant writers to help them get started.

The water main project is expected to begin Thursday.

Funding was secured last month after a prolonged period of applying for grants, being denied, modifying the applications and applying again.

New mains will help provide residents with quality water and flow, Reddish said.

The water main project was originally tied to a new water filtration system, which had to be removed to get the grant.

When a pump broke during the drought this summer and needed to be replaced, the filtration element began with emergency funds.

With less to be paid for, the town is now set to begin looking for bids to complete the filtration project.

Curry and Associates will plan the project, then select who they allow to make bids.

Reddish said he is hopefully that both projects will be completed by January.

The council also discussed making adjustments to the town's water utility bill.

A few years ago the council passed an ordinance intended to never allow a resident to get more than two months, but the wording has allowed for someone to get three months behind before he or she has services cut off.

Penalties and fees make it cost prohibitive for someone to catch up once they get behind.

At this time, no one in town has been shut off, but there are seven residents who are at risk.

The council will look into modifying the ordinance at the next meeting to better reflect its intent.

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