Cloverdale Elementary takes part in biographical research project

Wednesday, October 24, 2012
Cloverdale Elemetary students recently took part in a research project, where each student chose an individual, whom they found heroic. Taking part in the project were (from left) Torrence Farmer, Aubree Branigan, Anna Powell, Grant Maners, Chase Ashcraft and Nathan Tungett.

Inspired by stories read in class about Lou Gehrig, Amelia Earhart, and Eleanor Roosevelt, students at Cloverdale Elementary School in Mrs. Bookwalter and Mrs. Kemp's fourth-grade reading classes decided to delve deeper into these heroic individuals' lives as well as other famous people.

From athletes like Olympian Missy Franklin, author JK Rowling, to other famous aviators like Charles Lindbergh, students used both print and internet sources for their biographical research. Then adding a touch of creativity, students created trading cards, unique cereal boxes and cubes that included time lines, famous quotes, and memorable moments in their chosen person's life.

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