Cloverdale school roofing project to be completed Jan.1

Wednesday, December 12, 2012
Retiring Cloverdale School Board members Linda Mann and David Brinkman receive plaques to honor their time serving the Cloverdale community.

CLOVERDALE -- The Cloverdale Community School Board met for its monthly Board meeting on Monday evening, discussing the continuing roofing projects and retirement of two board members.

Jeff Underwood, representing Project Manager Dan Sulkoske, reported that due to weather delays the roofing project on the elementary and high school will be completed by Jan. 1, instead of the original Dec. 14 deadline.

"We are about 80 percent done on the roofs for both the elementary and high school." Underwood informed the board, and added that they were running under budget on the project at this time.

Underwood brought up that work on the chiller that was recently bid on will begin mid January and work on the boiler will begin in March.

To go along with the changes to the high school and elementary school, the Cloverdale School Board will also be receiving some changes come the first of the year. Linda Mann and David Brinkman will be leaving the school board.

"Thank you to the community for allowing me to serve these 12 years." Mann stated.

Mann will be replaced by her son Chris Mann, and Brinkman, who has served for seven and a half years, will be replaced by Rob Schroer.

"The success of the corporation is all about relationships. Keep at it this way and there will be success." Brinkman said as he and Mann were honored at the end of the meeting.

The induction of Chris Mann and Schroer will be done at the January Board meeting.

During the audience to visitors part of the meeting, an open forum which audience members may speak, several parents brought up concerns on the social probation policy in the student handbook. Allegedly a student was allowed to participate in an after school activity while on social probation.

The Cloverdale Middle School student handbook of 2012-2013 states, "Social Probation may be used for any infraction of school rules. Social Probation means a student may not participate in any extra-curricular activity whatsoever during the social probation."

Several board members commented that each incident was looked at on a case-by-case basis. The board also believed that the policy had been upheld, but gave no comment concerning the situation.

Milner stated that "Policy was followed, these parents were not part of the situation." She went on to reiterate that the audience and visitor portion of the meeting was open for anyone to speak.

Chaz Church, Hannah Nichols and Katy Kuchler were honored with the student of the month for December.

Other matters attend to by the board included:

- Employment of three new personnel; Carol Fangin as a part time worker in the elementary and middle school cafeteria, Jarrod Duff to Cloverdale Middle School and Susan Baker to replace Rachel Newton while she is on maternity leave.

-Resignation of Stephanie Nuckols from Cloverdale Middle School

-The Cloverdale Community School Corporation Endowment is currently at $38,407.

-$250 was raised by the High School for United Way

- A $500 grant was given to the Glam program to start a prom closet. More information on this will be presented by students at the January meeting.

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