Roachdale continues with improvements

Friday, January 18, 2013

The Roachdale Town Council held its monthly town meeting on Wednesday. The town council elected a president, several concerns about different areas and homes in town were brought up and a new town ordinance was passed.

Jack Jones was re-named council president for 2013. Along with renaming Jones president the council also decided that the president's term would be one calendar year.

Tammy Folck has asked permission to add gravel onto a strip of land owned by the town. The council gave its approval. Folck also brought up concerns with Maxine Lane and inquired about it getting paved. The council responded with jokes.

"Wait in line," was thrown from Jones, and the crowd offered "When you win the lottery" as another suggestion. Utilities will be taking a look at the road sometime in the future.

The continuing issue of unsafe houses in Roachdale brought in several to Wednesday's meeting.

Shelia Williams appeared and complained about the $50-a-week fine that had been levied on her property that needs to be demolished. Williams stated to the council that she did not have the money for the fine and had been trying to get the house demolished.

Town council member Barbara Scott told Williams that the council had to take a stand.

"There are 50 others on the list, and if we let you slide we will have others who want the same," Scott commented to Williams on the situation.

The council told Williams that the fee would continue to accumulate until the structure was torn down.

Williams was not the only one seeking more time on a condemned building. The property owners of 204 North West Street, a property that burned down in August 2011, were seeking an extension as well. The council gave them until the next meeting to secure the structure and show progress on the plans to save parts of the property.

The Majors, who own 502 North Indiana St., asked for more time. They are looking to try and get rid of the property in a quick sale. They were given an extension until March 11.

Letters will continue to be sent out to the owners of dilapidated homes in the coming months.

The town council also passed ordinance 2013-2. This new town ordinance states that new residents of Roachdale must submit and application and make utility deposits of $150 for gas and $50 for water

This will go into affect on March 1.

In other business:

* Mike Mahoy asked to bring on Shawn Diebold on as an unpaid deputy reserve for Roachdale. The council gave its approval.

* The $3 storm fee was tabled until next meeting

* The utilities department was given permission to buy a new garage door for $1,312.54.

* Dog tags for 2013 will be on sale at the town office for $5 until March 1 and $10 afterwards.

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