Parents to share story of son's alcohol related death at two NPHS programs

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

North Putnam High School will host a student assembly program followed by an evening program for parents on Monday, Feb. 4.

The student assembly will be at 2 p.m. with the parent program to begin at 7 p.m.

Both programs will feature Carmel parents Norm and Dawn Finbloom as guest speakers.

The Finblooms lost their son Eric to alcohol poisoning last summer and are currently taking their message of the dangers of underage drinking to as many young people and parents as possible.

They are also promoting Indiana's new Lifeline Law. The Lifeline Law gives immunity to a person who calls for help and anyone who joins the caller in providing assistance when a medical emergency arises as a result of drinking.

NPHS Principal Alan Zerkel and NPHS Assistant Principal Jason Chew believe this message needs to be heard by high school students and parents in the North Putnam community.

They traveled to St. Theodore Guerin High School in Carmel a couple of months ago to watch the Finblooms speak. After the presentation they met the Finblooms and extended an invitation to speak at North Putnam.

Joining the Finblooms will be two Indiana University students who were instrumental in helping promote the Lifeline Law.

Putnam Circuit Court Judge Matthew Headley and State Sen. Jim Merritt, the co-author of the Lifeline Law, will speak during the evening program.

Zerkel and Chew are extending an invitation to all North Putnam parents, as well as all students and parents from other Putnam County high schools, to attend the evening program.

Parents and interested community members who cannot attend the evening session are welcome to attend the assembly program in the afternoon, Zerkel said.

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