Meth suppression initiative set for Putnamville District

Thursday, March 14, 2013

PUTNAMVILLE -- Indiana State Police officials announced Wednesday that the Putnamville District has dedicated three troopers fulltime to the ongoing effort to battle the production and use of methamphetamine within the area.

Lt. Dan Jones, commander of the Putnamville District, said the troopers' duties will include analyzing tips received, investigating leads, finding and dismantling clandestine laboratories and arresting suspects associated with the manufacture and distribution of methamphetamine, along with all crimes related to methamphetamine.

The trio will augment the ISP meth suppression officer already in place and assigned to the district, making the Putnamville team a four-person unit.

Troopers currently assigned to the Putnamville District Meth Lab Enforcement Team are Methamphetamine Suppression Officer Shilo Raulston and district Troopers B.J. Patterson, Brent Robinson and Mike Wood.

All three veteran troopers have graduated from the DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency) Clandestine Laboratory Investigations School and are DEA certified to dismantle the clandestine laboratories, as well as dispose and handle the dangerous chemicals associated with meth production.

"Methamphetamine has been a criminal and social nuisance in our communities for the last few years," Lt. Jones stressed. "These troopers have been given the task of combating and eradicating this problem to better the lives of the citizens we protect and serve."

Recent statistics show the Putnamville District seized 59 labs in 2010, 59 labs in 2011 and 49 labs in 2012.

Statewide methamphetamine labs seized in Indiana were 1,395 in 2010, another 1,437 in 2011 and 1,726 in 2012, the most on record for Indiana.

One of the most important aspects for this venture to be a success, are the tips provided by the general public. Citizens should feel confident that all tips will be thoroughly reviewed and investigated.

Persons wishing to report a suspected methamphetamine lab or related meth activity should call the Putnamville Post at 653-4114 or toll-free (Indiana only) 1-800-225-8576. All callers can remain anonymous.

The Putnamville District is comprised of Putnam, Parke, Vermillion, Vigo, Clay and Sullivan counties.

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